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HD800 cable recommendation

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I have recently acquired an HD800 and currently using it with my Burson HA-160DS.  I am looking for a cable that would give me more bass and fullness. I really like the DHC complement cable, but is the price justifiable with my system? What other cables would you recommend?




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How many hours of break in does your HD800's/Amp have? 

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I would say around 20 hours already. I Burn them in with pink noise at night hoping they might improve with time.

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You might take a look at Tyll's recent article on burn in - a very cool and informative post on innerfidelity: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/measurement-and-audibility-headphone-break


More generally, with respect to the bass on the HD800's, I don't think the issue is the headphone or the cable.  They have wonderful bass in stock form to my ears - but they are somewhat finicky about amplification.  Have you tried them with anything other than your Burson?  



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I have a DHC, which is very nice. I would tempt you to try out Steve's Q cable. Many members agree it's a fantastic cable. Having a steam-punk cable for my LCD-2 being constructed.

General consensus is the cable gets out of the way musically and physically you'll forget it's there. 

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Just to hitch a ride on this thread, what cable would reduce the HD800s known brightness (this would be the prime directive, even at the expense of resolution or other favorable aspects, if one is a bit treble-phobic)? Thanks and sorry to the original poster for using your thread, hope you don't mind. (We're all in this together, you know...)

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I'm trying a Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 cable for my HD800 and I LOVE IT!! It makes the sometimes searing, fatiguing highs non-fatiguing but leaves them soaring and extended and exciting and natural, and doesn't

blunt any of the Sennheisers' resolution or wonderful soundstaging. For me, the Black Dragon V2 is absolutely necessary for the 800s, making them what I feel is the best sounding headphones in the market.

(I also have LCD3s, T1s, D7000s, and used to have PS1000s and bass light R10s. Yes, the 800s with the Black Dragon beat the R10s for me.)

The bass with the Black Dragon is excellent, transparent, full of bass detail, not one-note or boomy or car-stereo-like at all. The bass is actually better than the well-regarded (famed actually) LCD3 bass.


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I now have the Moon Audio Black Dragon HD800 cable with Furutech Rhodium balanced connectors and it is even better. Sweet and extended and almost never painful even on the the most tipped up CDs,

soundstaging and bass are all top notch. Just a superb cable for the Sennheisers.

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