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Help Finding the Right Headphones

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Hey Head-Fi. I've lurked here for a bit and decided to make an account today to ask opinions. I'm not an audiophile like many of you here. I think the Beats look awesome and think everyone wearing them looks cool. I'm 16 if that puts it into an perspective. but that's not what this thread is about. I've tried the Soul Sl150s by Ludacris and I really liked them and I used to own some sort of Sony headphone that used a triple A battery that amped the bass up. Those were pretty nice, but they broke and I have no idea what they were called.

So I feel like may be heading in the direction of becoming an audiophile, but I don't have any experience with truly good headphones. I realize Beats are overhyped and garbage compared to other stuff in their price range. I think they look cool, but I do want headphones that compliment the music I listen to. I listen to a bit of dubstep and hip hop but most of my listening is metal. I'd be using these headphones on a daily basis on the way to school in New York. So hopefully they would block out some outside sound and not leak too much. I don't want to be a nuisance to others on the subway.


So yeah. Long story, short:


-I mostly listen to metal

-Block some outside noise

-Don't leak too much sound


I wouldn't mind if they looked nice too, but that's not very important. And I guess my price range would be up to $200 but that's really the most I'm willing to pay. Thanks so much!

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ATH-M50 has a fairly full-bodied presentation and gives good sound quality for their price. Alternatively Shure SRH840 are also a good choice. I'd go with the Shures. ATH-M50 looks better if you're wondering.

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