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I think they are probably very similar in sound, and the V-link is almost half the price.  I've definitely read of people preferring the v-link.  If I was going to pay $175, I'd go with the MDHT Bridge - dual chips, looks good - but who knows? Haven't read any reviews as of yet. I may get both and compare evil_smiley.gif

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I actually ended up buying AVU's V-Link for 80$. At that price it's pretty tough to beat.. anyway got it in the mail today and im listening to it. I must admit I was pretty skeptical at first, was not sure it would be an upgrade over the X-FI COAX OUT. Well, im happy to say it's a clear upgrade. The difference did not jump out at me right away, but as the music played they became obvious. "cleaner" "blacker" "less sibilant" "bass impact" "bass resolution" "less fatigue" I noticed all of these things. Im not sure if it's Jitter reduction, or just getting the sound card out of the loop. As so many today claim that Jitter is a solved problem and has no effect on sound quality. I don't know about all that, perhaps so, but there is a clear audible difference between these two, whatever the reason may be.


edit: perhaps one of the more significant changes i forgot to mention. PRAT.. much better.

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don't have much to compare it with. previously i was using a straight usb connection, which i have often read is not ideal. i am definitely happy with the sound i am getting using the v-link. in connection with it, i am using an audioquest usb cable, monster spdif (85% off retail on amazon) and a/c powered usb hub. prior to purchase, i spent some time reading about the v-link and v-link ii, but other than a nicer case, was not sure how the ii was supposed to be any better.


my plan is to rip all of my non-classical (about 15% of my collection) to my computer and continue to use my cd players for the remainder. so computer-based audio really is only a small portion of my listening.

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Hi! Please advice me for today?


I found a several subjects:


1) M2Tech Hiface 

2) NuForce U192S

2) Teralink X2


Did not find any inforamation about AVU's V-Link (what is this?)

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Have it....love it.. get it!

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Cross-posting from the Gungnir thread because it seems relevant to this one:


Originally Posted by grokit View Post

It's not that all USB DAC inputs sound bad--some definitely do though. Without going into the technical reasons, USB inputs that sound bad can be improved by an outboard USB to spdif converter. IME, USB inputs that already sound good will not be improved by an outboard converter.


For example, my Mini-i's main weakness is its adaptive 48k USB input, it really sucks. But when I hooked up the asynchronous Vlink 192 or Firestone Bravo (edit: both under $250) converters, things improved so dramatically that I wonder how much of an improvement a Gungnir will actually be.


One of my favorite DACs to date is unfortunately single-ended, the Bel Canto DAC2. It only has optical or coax inputs; when I hook up a cheap USB to spdif adapter it sounds just as good as it does with the Bravo or Vlink converters. This is not the case with the Mini-i, it needs a quality outboard converter while the Bel Canto does not.


I am leaning toward getting a Gungnir, and am looking forward to comparing its optional USB implementation to my other USB processors via coax, and to optical.

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Lemme know what you think MikeW.  I am building an AudioNoteKits DAC4.1, which will not reach 24/192, but rather max at 18/96 via SPDIF coax, or AES.  I plan on just using my Halide Bridge for now, but am open to improvements, as things tend to improve over time.  Also, despite the magic little Halide Bridge component, one wonders what a  better power supply, bigger caps, and better clocks will do.  I am looking at the Stello U3 as well, and it gets good reviews.  But I would like to hear your impressions with the AudioGD unit as well.  I still have a month or so to piddle through my construction, and am not in a hurry to replace the Halide, just looking.


PS, from Houston myself, went to Trinity back in the day.


Hi, Bones

I see by your sig that the AN DAC project was a success and that you settled on the Stello U3 for USB to SPIDF conversion. Once of my goals is to eventually try PC audio into the handful of SPIDF DAC's I have, one of which is an Audio Note 3.1x Balanced . Since we both share the Audion Note connection, it's fairly safe to guess we tend to favor certain similarities in digital audio reproduction. I would appreciate any brief comments you could add regarding the U3, especially if you have compared this connection to a disc transport.

thank you and regards


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