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Headphones like the JVC HARX700 but with more bass?

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Hi, I have the JVC HARX700, which I love, but I'm looking for headphones that sound like them but with a lot more bass, for $100 or less. I read that the JVC HARX900 have more bass but the sound quality is different and it has a lot more stage widening (I can't remember the exact term). Can the experts here recommend something that will give me that extra bass? Most of what I listen to is rock, and I don't like headphones that emphasize mid range, on the contrary, I prefer the ones that emphasize highs and lows, but highs that are natural and not exaggerated 4 to 8 Khz that pierce your ears.


On a similar note, is there one of those small headphone amplifiers that comes with at least a five band EQ, ideally a ten band? My receiver, a Pioneer VSX-1020k, sounds great if the recording is good, but it only allows adjusting Treble and Bass when headphones are connected and sometimes I need more control when the recording is bad.





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The JVC harx300 have silly bloated muddy bass unless modded and scooped upper mids but not alot of highs and they are dirt cheap. I don't think you are going to find super bass-y headphones that aren't also muddy. Emphasized bass, yes but it sounds like you want LOTS of bass which a better headphone is not going to do since it would no longer have a balanced sound. I would snoop around for a used stereo with more eq unless you need something portable.

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Thanks, but I had that JVC model and I returned them right away because they have an exaggerated mid range. I wasn't going to buy any more JVCs but I saw all the praises for the HARX700 and I decided to try them. I was very surprised that the sound was nothing like the HARX300.


What about the Panasonic HTF600?


And the Sony MDR-7506? I constantly see audio pros using these in movie featurettes, but I read that they have an emphasized mid range, which I wouldn't like. However, I know that it could also be that the people who said that have an amplifier that emphasizes mid ranges, so it's difficult to say. Most people say they're great, but my guess is that if they are used a lot for movies, they're mostly used to listen to monitor dialog, not music. I want headphones that are great for both voice and music.

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The Panasonic HTF600 are the definition of muddy bass and no detailed sound. 


A monitoring headphone like the Sony MDR 7506 is designed to produce music.  Those headphones tend to be neutral in sound (as a general rule), though many people enjoy them for listening to music also.  They don't have much bass impact. 


I would suggest the Creative Aurvana Live! as a good headphone with a warm tone, a bit of a bass emphasis and can be used for virtually any task that you've mentioned.  They vary quite a lot in price, but if you catch them on sale at Amazon, they can sometimes be found in the $60 range. 

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