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Have d5000+compass worth getting hd650?

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I have the d5000s w audio gd compass.


Is it worth getting the hd650s? I kinda want a new toy but absolutely love the d5000s.


I am set on source, speakers, and portable.


Also have modded d1001, re-2, and s4i.


My other interest is getting the image x10 but leaning towards the hd650.


How much different will It be to the d5000s.


Super high end phones are out off range for a long time but  I can swing the 650s.









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Which kind of music you like? 


the hd650's bass is not as strong as the D5000's. 

hd650 have better soundstage. 

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I listen to a bit of everything but mostly:

Techno, rock, stuff that appears on the radio.


Is it something where they will be dramatically different or will I end up with two sets that are basically the same?

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Anyone have any input?

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I don't think so.  The HD650 are very warm/bassy headphones for open air.  They will sound better than the D5000 probably though.  Open Air is just better than closed, no way around that.  Some just have preference for closed though.


The Compass can drive any headphone easily.  You don't need to upgrade your DAC/Amp for the HD650s.  I personally if I were you, go for something different.  Go for something that is neutral in sound since you already have a very colored, warm headphones, D5000.  Get the HD600 then.

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Anyone else have any input?

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I went from the D2000s (very similar to your D5000s) to the HD650s. I haven't looked back.


I loved the Denon sound signature for a long time. It's so lush and full sounding. The bass is powerful. The highs are sparkly. But after I listened to the 650s for a while, I just see things differently. The mids are non-existent on the Denons. The bass, while nice and powerful, is actually sloppy and boomy. The highs sound brittle.


The HD650s are just great. I have the newer version of them and they don't have that dreaded Sennheiser "veil." The bass is detailed and very accurate, in my opinion (I'm a bass player). You don't get that slamming bass like you do with the Denons, but the Senns have the right warmth. It's like you can actually hear the timbre of the note—the bow on the resin, the fingers plucking, the mallet hitting the skin. It's a different kind of warmth.


The mids are so much better on the Senns. More present, more accurate. I could go on and on but I won't.


Some people say the highs are rolled off with the 650s. I don't agree. I think most people like artificially boosted highs, which I find shrill and brittle. The 650s have very nice and smooth highs.


In the end, breaking down the frequency spectrum just isn't accurate enough. You need to look at the sound signature as a whole. Are they both warm? Yes, but a different type of warmth with different levels of detail. Don't get me wrong—I love me some Denons. They have their own sound that I really do love. But I've come to love the Sennheisers much more. 

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I didn't read through the thread FYI, but the 650s are wonderful with the Compass! You can see my setup in my sig. I had a Darkvoice 337 tube amp (worth $450-$600 USD) and it is very well regarded around here (I got it based on Skylab's review) and I think the Compass adds the extra sparkle in the highs the 650s need (you've probably read about it) to be a great headphone. I don't have much desire for an upgrade either. At least, knowing that there's higher quality to be found in more expensive cans doesn't make me enjoy my setup and less and feel like it is inferior and that I HAVE to upgrade soon. The Compass DAC will do you just fine as well FYI, still a wonderful setup that I highly recommend.

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i'm just curious what your thoughts will be once you decide.

be sure to let us know.

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I also have been using the Compass with my 650's.


However, I'm only using the Compass dac section and amping via my Gilmore Lite.  Very nice to my ears.   I did use the Compass amp section temporarily and found it to be very nice as well.  I listen to a lot of classic rock, progressive rock. blues & jazz.  It works well for me for all examples of my music.  My 650's are the newer, "veil less" version.


I'm thinking of an upgrade to Schitt Bifrost DAC but if it never happpens I'll still be happy with the Compass.


The 650's are a great choice and the Compass should be good enough until you get the next wave of upgrade-itis.  :)


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