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Faulty HD-25-1-ii's?? Help! Static & Crackling...

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Hi guys


I've recently purchased a pair of HD 25-1-ii's and they sound great, however I'm trying to determine if they are faulty...


I'm getting static/ crackling in quite a few tracks (especially in 'loud' or 'busy' songs).


I also get the static crackling in lower volumes, so it's not due to me blasting the volume. So the sound does not discriminate to volume.


One song that i noticed produces this sound in the headphones is Only, by Nine Inch Nails. The sound occurs 25 seconds in until 40 seconds in.


I originally thought it was due to MP3 files being compressed. So I ripped the CD into both FLAC and WAV, and both of these files don't make a difference to the static or the crackling.


Also, I've listened to the song using regular earphones, 1 pair which reproduced the same, or similar, sound, and one pait that didn't. I've also played the song on my PC's Logitech Speakers which can reproduce the crackle, whereas my Panasonic 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers don't seem to (the subwoofer rumbles at that part of the song though, so this may be masking the static if it is in the recording, and not my headphones)...


Is this due to possible faulty headphones, the recording of the music itself (even in lossless) or is the HD25-1-ii just not up to the task of handling some of these songs? I've also head that the HD25's are extremely unforgiving headphones when it comes to the quality of the source, revealing lots of distortion, static etc... I just don't think songs would be recorded and distributed with this sort of static or crackle apparent.


Cheers guys, any help much appreciated as I can return these in the next couple of days if something is wrong.



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First let me ask how it is being played?  Basically what DAC is handling the signal?  Are you using an iPod or other portable device?  Are you using your computers on-board audio or perhaps a soundcard?  Often times the DAC or Digital to Analog Converter is responsible for either introducing or not suppressing noise.  Many DAC's simply do not suppress the noise enough to get a good signal and buzzing or other noises can be heard in music that would otherwise be fine.


Listen to this version.  With my on-board audio and using a pair of Brainwavz M2 in-ears I did not hear any crackling.  You should also not hear any.  If you do try listening to it on another computer.  Next try a different set of headphones.  Finally try another track and turn up the volume up just passed where you normally listen to.  Do you hear the distortion now?


Just looking at the Total Harmonic Distortion curve for the HD-25-1-ii it does appear to have some significant distortion especially compared to other headphones.


HD-25-1-ii Curve



ATH-M50 Curve



See the peaks in the HD-25-1-ii graph.  This could be cause for slight concern at higher volumes.  At high volumes there will be harmonic vibration with significant enough volume to be heard causing distortion.


Report back with your findings.

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Hey mate


Thankyou for the advice. Unfortunately I don't have an independant DAC, I'm only using my PC's onboard audio. iPod produces the sound as well... I've got another PC in the house (again just using onboard audio), but again I get the same crackling. Also, it doesn't depend on the volume, the crackling is there despite volume levels.


I've tried SEVERAL other tracks which are fine, actually vast majority of my music is. It's only certain songs I get static or crackling.


Even when I use my Fiio E5 I still get the same sound.

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It sounds as if your headphones are damaged.  Try another set and report back with your findings.

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