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For Sale: Denon D2000

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For Sale:
Denon D2000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought these from a friend a few months ago but haven't found time to enjoy them and could use the money for books this semester.  I'm not exactly sure how many hours these have on them but no more than 10 were put on by myself.  As you can see in the picture there are a few cosmetic defects.  The first is the stripped paint above the left ear cup - I've been told that this was from removing the protective wrap (something that I saw another member on Head-Fi post about).  The second is the very small nick in the arc that holds the left ear cup - this happened when they fell off my headphone stand onto the base of the stand last week.  The third is that you can see the bottom of the leather headband shows some wear from being worn and stretched out.  The cups are flawless and the headphone's performance is not affected by the missing paint (obviously).  Comes with original box and 1/8" to 1/4" screw-on adapter.  I'm asking $200 shipped (insured UPS Ground) and PayPal'd.  Feel free to PM me with any questions and offers!


Thanks for looking!


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Thems mine!

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