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New Headphones for 50 Dollars

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I'm looking for a head in the range of 50-60 Dollars. I know this limits me a lot but its all I can afford at this moment. I mostly listen to hip-hop so I want something with a lot of bass. The two places I will probably use it is home and in the car. I'd prefer no leaking and I want a simple design. Please research the headphones and put the price so I know what they cost. Thank You.

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I kind of want to advise you to save up around $150, because you will definitely be spending more than that after you try the first pair... Hmmm...

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I believe the Sony XB 500s are around that price.  Widely recommended as cheap basshead cans.

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The HA RX700's have a nice amount of bass, but i haven't compared them to the XB500s. 

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lots of good ideas and thread is recent. ( Panasonic, Superlux etc )

Use the SEARCH part and search Bass under $60 or bass under $50  From the model you see that interests you then it's a simple search to see if it's closed back, how much it leaks etc.


"...Please research the headphones and..."blink.gif  Doing that yourself is the only way you  know what you'll be buying, or you 'll just be gambling on whether someone else's quick suggestion is what will sound good to you and get choked afterwards when it's not what you were expecting..

If it's all you can afford right now that's the BEST reason to do a little bit of preliminary research. Not hard.

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The JVC Xtreme Xplosives (HA-M5X) are pretty bassy, and they seem to sell between $30 and $40.  The only down side is that they are ported; I don't listen to music very loud, so people haven't complained about hearing my music, but I can easily hear conversations while listening to music.  I am totally fine with that.

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