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For Sale: Cullen GCHA (PS Audio)

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For Sale:
Cullen GCHA (PS Audio)

Will Ship To: United States

I'm selling my lightly used and well taken care of PS Audio GCHA which has been modified by Rick Cullen. I guess this is considered a rare unit now that PS Audio no longer makes this amplifier and Rick Cullen is no longer doing the modification of PS Audio equipment.


This is very nice amplifier that really doesn't have a sound of its own. Super black background with one of the best volume controls I have ever used



Modifications performed by Cullen are as follows:

  • Replace all critical capacitors with Muse Audio grade, and Wima where applicable.
  • Add Cullen modified Gain Cells.
  • Replace input RCA with WBT Next Gen.
  • Beef-up power supply on individual voltages.
  • Change all critical resistors to 0.1% Dale Rn55d copper leaded.
  • ERS cloth


I will include the power cable that I have been using with it and it will come boxed in the original PS Audio box.

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would you ship to Finland or Russia?




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Hey man, did the Cullen mod do anything to/with the USB?

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Ping: M3NTAL?

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Is it still for sale?

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If you feel like your new cans can be divorced from it... I'm still on the market wink.gif

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Withdrawn--she's all yours'.



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