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What would you do?

Poll Results: What would you do?

  • 81% (9)
    The speaker setup
  • 18% (2)
    The headphone setup
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Hi guys i'm new here and i am about to buy a high end audio system.


I can't decide what to buy. Stereo Speakers or stereo headphone.


It's between these two:


Stax SR-009

Ray Samuels Audio A-10 Thunderbolt 2

LavryBlack DA11

Amarra > macbook pro




2x B&W 804D

2x Classé - CA 2100

2x Classé - CP 800


Tough choice, :(


A little more info about what they are gone play. Like 70% music and 30% movies. 

I listen to groups like Metallica, Hammerfall, Rammstein, Muse, Hans Zimmer,..


Whats really important is that they must last a minimum of 6 years, because that's 

how long my loaning lasts :D


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Originally Posted by jcx View Post

Smyth SVS Realizer and a high end Oppo player would give abilities considerably beyond most headphone setups - outside of your head soundstage, imaging from the DSP, included Stax system, head tracker



(note that many of the "negative" comments are wild speculation frrm people who haven't heard them with personal calibrations - search out comments indicating actual experience with the SVS Realizer)



you get impressive simulation of real rooms, loudspeakers, up to 7.1 surround


you can collect calibrations of your friend's best setups, pay dealers or studios for an hours access to their best - anywhere you can plug into the amps, sit in the sweet spot





can use the better stax, get a little off Smyth price

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The answer so strongly depends on your circumstance, that I didn't vote.

If I had to vote, I'd say get both! Choosing one high end and one mid end. Especially go for speakers for movie watching.


You probably already know the different sound characters tics of listening to speakers v headphones.

In terms of musical satisfaction, there's no right or wrong answer to choosing between the intimate sound of headphones v the more natural 3D sound stage  and "physical" bass of speakers.


A more important question is how do you feel about annoying your partner or neigbours when playing what you like, when you like, at any volume you like?


FWIW, I had a loudspeaker system for many years, but moved to headphones for this reason. I now have the opportunity to get back to speakers, but no longer care to do so.


At this price range, the most important thing to do is to try the setups at home before buying - especially the speaker setup. You'll get the answer pretty quickly then. The room itself has a huge impact on a loudspeaker setup.

If you're not able to do that, then you've either got the wrong dealer, or you're not going about this the right way - IMO smile_phones.gif



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Well first of all don't buy stuff with loaned money, that should be pretty obvious after all the crap the world is going through.


If you have the option to listen to the speakers at reasonable levels, the experience (imo) will be much better than the best headphone system available.

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Loans on this kind of equipment?  Really? You may want to check out your priorities. That is like buying a Ferrari on loan because there is no other way you could possibly afford it. ( I can see putting a daily driver on loan because you need a car to get to get back and forth to work. I believe in loans for necessities but loans for 'toys' is sort of absurd.


With that being said and out of the way (I am not telling  you what to do but it is what I belive is good advise that everyone learns eventually) I think you should buy what is less restrictive to you.  If you cannot use the equipment any way you like ex. too loud, neighbors etc then do not buy it because you probably will not get your use out of it. 


My vote: Get both but something less extreme.  You may enjoy having both more than having just one high end setup.  I know I do.

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start with nice, entry level gear, eventually, when you can legitimately, or semi-legitimately afford the elite gear, you'll appreciate it even better.  

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I'd start off by not buying megabuck tube amps with loaned money. There are some fantastic bargains out there on the (now mostly functioning) Audiogon. Buy a nice pair of monitors and an integrated amp for $1500 total. Don't put yourself in debt for Metallica on Nautilus speakers. Death Magnetic won't sound good no matter how much you spend. 

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Haha, Death Magnetic even becomes unlistenable at high-end speakers/headphones. I want my money back :(

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Instead buy a entry level speaker setup for the interest money you would have to pay for the loan.
Ether of your options are foolish with loaned money..

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Gewoon, when I gave my first response, I hadn't noticed your last sentence. So I concur with other posters here that you should not be buying high end equipment with loaned money - especially 6 years worth! Much better to set your sights a bit lower, ideally with second hand components, and then enjoy the occasional upgrade when you have spare cash. Upgrading is meant to be part of the fun of this hobby smile_phones.gif.


After a few upgrades, it'll then be much clearer what your high end system should be.

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Gewoon, are you talking about Dutch student loans perhaps?


Anyway, whatever you do, the best advice I can give you is to buy used gear. The savings are tremendous.

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I should also add that high-end equipment will depreciate anywhere from 33 - 75%. So not only are you paying more than the actual cost in interest, but then you're going to get hit again at the other end if/when you go to sell. The Stax headphones should hold their value fairly well (and a BHSE would be a much wiser investment than an A-10), but the B&W and Classe stuff will tank.

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Not sure he will respond or even read this, its his one and only post, made on Jan 1st.

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