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[New Arrival] Vest... Read on...

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Hi Head-fiers,

Life's a series of little obsessions and I'll speak of a few that I had. Coming from a family that was very much into photography, the little pocketable cameras was an obsession. I have always liked folders or "bellow cameras" as they could be folded flat and stuck into one's pockets.

Here's a typical vest camera that I find most fascinating.
mad.gif I read that Kodak is in big trouble.

Ok, let's get serious... we present the GoVibe VestAmp. Following the tradition of vestable stuff, it's small, slim, flat, no-protrusions. There are two models; one with USB DAC and the other is strictly an amp only.


The  DAC version is a 24Bit/192Khz, High Performance Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter... Can we carry on with more blurb... yes, most certainly... but why don't you make a beeline here

Yes, specials are coming... watch this page for the specials.

- The Jaben Team

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interesting. is this new amp and amp/dac have rechargeable battery?

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Hi IndieScent,


Yes. The VestAmp comes with in-build rechargeable battery and you can charge it through USB cable.


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Would love to audition one... except I don't know where and when... hehe..


btw, reminds me of this, though:





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Have you sent any for someone to review?

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Originally Posted by kiler View Post

Have you sent any for someone to review?


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I'm testing one right now that I got from Musica Acoustics. I've written some observations about it in the portable amp thread. It has enough power, but I'm most interested in its lovely low noise signal and smooth detailed character. In some ways, it reminds me of the D4 Mamba, but seems to have a much thinner casing. It also sports dual DAC chips.

So far, like it very very much.

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