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For many months I've been using my SR80s on my computer for music, gaming, Skype .. and gotten used to its sound. I switched to my K81DJs .. and these are brighter/clearer/hollower/spacious .. and really seemed to have lost all their bass & mid bass OOMPH. This is not how I remember them last time I used them. Source is X-fi Titanium PCIe, speaker out.  K81DJs had the OEM pads .. but the pleather was flaking so I replaced pads with HD-25 velour & pleathers .. both pads have same bass emptiness.


I remember my AKGs sounding deep and punchy .. not like someone EQ'd down 220hz and lower.


Do the AKG pads like block some of this clearness? and the Senn pads do not?  Looking at the AKGs their foamy center cover is thicker then the Senns.  Also the AKG pads feel more cushiony, and the Senns feel more stiff.



Update:  I exchanged the inner center padding from the OEMs with the new Senns Pleathers .. Much better .. but not quite as good as the OEMs.  I think the cushiony OEMs helped give a better seal.

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