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Cable re-termination

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I currently have the Sennheiser HD800 SXC 18awg 4 ft. 1/4 inch termination cable from ALO for my MK2/CLAS portable rig, and I am curious if it will be possible to re-terminate this cable for the balance mini connector when the RX MK3 hits the shelves. Otherwise the cable is to short for normal use, and I won't be able to use it with the MK3. Just wondering if this will possible in the future.  

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No sorry I am afraid that if you have a mini plug or a 1/4 plug the only way to use your headphone cable with a balanced set up is to cut off the plug and re terminate it with a 4 pin XLR and the have an adapter to the appropriate balanced connector for your amp. In the case of the Mk3 it would be the Kobicon Camera connector. If this is what you would like to so I can do that. A easier way would be to just buy a HD800 cable that is terminated to the camera connector, I can do that as well.
PS the Mk3 is going to be delayed at least until Feb ;-( 
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