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So about 3 months ago I took the plunge and bought the Hifiman Ef2A to power my new AKG Q701.  I've been really really happy with the EF2A, and the headphones for that matter.  Before my go to headphones were the Sony MDR-7506.  The AKG was a significant step up, and the EF2A made the headphones sound better than say using an iPod (or my $100 Insignia receiver).  Over time I've noticed some issues with the AKG, there is less bass compared to the 7506.  Granted I am comparing Closed vs Open headphones so I understand there is a potential loss.  Now the bass extends farther on the AKG, but I always felt that I was straining to hear the bass guitar, or the timpani in classical pieces.  After reading thoughts and reviews I was led to believe the EF2A just doesn't provide enough current to power the AKG properly. At low volume levels the EF2A sounds really sweet and very neutral.  As I turn up the volume I notice the mids, upper mids, and treble are the only part that increases, completely overpowering the bottom end.  While I am loving the extra wide soundstage and instrument placement, everything just sounds hollow/thin. This is enough to prevent me from fully getting lost in the music like I would with the 7506 + iPod.


After many decisions, between the Schiit Asgard, or the Fiio E9/E10.  I went ahead and ordered the Matrix M-Stage. I figured it would make for a good entry level amp, but be enough to power any future headphones I may purchase (Beyerdynamics DT990 600ohm, Denon D2000)


What I'm looking for is advice that I am not crazy, and a little reinforcement that the M-Stage will help the bottom end of the AKG, or did I just make a huge mistake?. Thanks!

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