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For Sale: SOLD DACmagic with Upgraded PSU

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For Sale:
SOLD DACmagic with Upgraded PSU

Will Ship To: UK

I got my silver Cambridge Audio Dacmagic for sale. It is in great condition but has 1 of those caps covering the optical out missing. It comes with the stock PSU as well as the upgraded PSU from Maplins that cost me £30. It also comes in it's original box.


£SOLD is the price including postage (Parcelforce 48) and Paypal fees. There are faster services but the prices range from £5-10 more.



Now I know I don't have any feedback yet (Working on that) so if you want take a look at my ebay profile "efferion" feel free to do so. I have 100% feedback. Sure most of the stuff I sell isn't the same as this DAC but if you take the time to look you will see that I have sold several high end computer parts and a few Shure SE350s without any problems.


If you have any questions please ask.

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PM sent.

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