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Originally Posted by proton007 View Post


Easiest way is to plug in the dac and check if the volume settings show it.


Worst case just check the dmesg log.

Agreed, unlike Windows everything in Linux works just as well on the live CD/DVD used to install all the friendly distros as it does once it's installed.


Not sure a newbie will know what dmesg is though (if he were a Linux user he'd surely have tried it) and the command line is scary ;)

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Originally Posted by brhfl View Post

That is very cool, and worth keeping an eye on. I'm a big fan of sticking to framebuffer when possible, but often end up with a minimal X/ratpoison solution instead. Glad to see work like this being done.

I had gotten Slatekit downloaded afterwards, but never went and played with it. I might do so soon, thanks for reminding me.


Any thoughts on Ratpoison versus StumpWM? I  get that both serve their own purposes/niches at this point, but I'd love to know what an everyday Ratpoison user thinks of the Stump.

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Has anyone built Chromium against QtWebEngine, or is using the dev channel with Aura compiled in?


I'm particularly interested in the latter and if anyone has any first hand experiences to share, as I would not mind getting GTK2 and all of its crummy crum off some machines in particular where this is the only thing pulling GTK in. Sure I'd just be replacing a toolkit with another toolkit but I wouldn't mind too much when it comes to Aura, especially since it'd be bundled in the build.


But of course a part of me just wants to try it out for the sake of having fun with it. I think that's the important bit.

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Cool to try out. I can't say I'm too familiar with 9wm, but certainly have tried out the stuff that came after it like larswm and wm2.

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I' m really not that new to Linux on my Nokia N900 but I'm new to the desktop PC versions.
What Linux distros would be perfect for someone that wants a lightweight OS with a nice UI?
I can't really seem to find any useful info around the net and I've been using Win7 for a lot of time.
I'm bored with it TBH, I need something better than that. It will have to be a dualboot then when I need to run some apps or games that aren't supported in Linux. And that's the biggest issue, do Adobe's programs work in Linux? I use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
I also want to use Fruity Loops Studio, Virtual DJ, Cinema 4D and some other programs. And what about MS Office?
Are there any good but free programs? I mainly need programs like Office and Powerpoint.
That's mostly it, I'm sorry if I'm boring but you all know some of this stuff in the back of your head probably.
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