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Two questions to you all

Poll Results: Whats the average age of the head-fi headphone community now?

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  • 35% (14)
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Am interested to see how the head-fi headphone community has changed since 2010

really with all the new non-beat a files who have joined us.


also - when did u last have your ears cleaned and tested?


should help - as im sure that theres plenty out there giving advice with bad hearing casued by wax buildup and hearing ruined by beats :P

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Just this past august I had my ears cleaned and they were tested sometime last June or July, with flying colors.

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Had my ears checked out and a hearing test just a couple of months ago. My hearing results were "Great for my age" according to the doctor. I just wish I could have back the hearing that I had in my 20's!


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thanks chaps


forgot to say my last hearing test was back in the army - still after numerous times ending up next to machine guns fireing and other loud bangs my hearing was top notch - sadly im still fairly tone deaf :D


as for the cleaning - im going to be going in soon as its been a good six months and im sure that theres some cloggin up happening  after getting salt water in - as other surfers will be well accustomed to.


keep em coming.

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are you asking us to post our ages or to guess on what we think the average  age is on this forum ? I'm 53, but if I had to guess on an average, maybe 35 to 40 ish, but perhaps with the explosion in this hobby, the age might be under 30. I recently had my hearing tested and everything checked out great, I personally clean my own ears, and wouldn't waste the money paying a doctor to do such a simple thing. But to be fair, I'm a DIY'er,  tuning and maintaining my cars, doing all household repairs needed, building my own PC's etc, some feel more comfortable allowing "professionals" to service them, I just wouldn't count myself in that group.

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A small 36 for me,lol.

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I have my hearing tested every 6 months as part of my job (part of which includes audio mixing and mastering). 

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Ears cleaned once a year or depending maybe more often. As soon as I notice I can't hear my pants rustling when walking then it's time to think about it. What a difference it's surreal.


Hearing gets checked out at work once a year. So far perfect  ( 39  now ) thankfully.

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cheers guys - tis interesting seeing the age groups - alot of younger people around - which is kinda how i feel head-fi has changed over this last year

less of the old and bold

maybe they are all lurking in summit fi or have moved on to other sites.

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