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I am looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers, a powered subwoofer, and a receiver for use with my computer/headphones. However, when I move out of the dorms I would like to be able to upgrade the system to a 5.1 setup for use with my PS3/Cable/Television. Thus, I need a receiver with HDMI in (preferably 3 or more), HDMI out, HDMI passthrough, the ability to decode modern codecs, and optical in+out. My budget is around 500 dollars, and for the money I was looking at Polk Monitor40's, a 10-inch powered Polk sub, and a Yamaha RX-V371 on newegg for $499 total. I'm looking for advice on this combination of components' value, as well as suggestions of any equal or better components within my price range and needs, please.