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Velour earpads for AKG k271

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I'm having a hard time to find a decent deal in The Netherlands. I found these two, but the top ones which are easy for me to order (no huge shipping costs) look like crap. They look kinda cheap, while the second link has nice looking ones. They might just have a bad picture on the 1st link, but I'm wondering, are there differerent manufacturs for them with different qualities? Are these earpads both the same? And is 16,30 euro for a pair not too cheap??






Does anyone know a diff place where I can buy them?

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I believe they are the same earpads, just different lighting angles on the pictures.

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Yes they are porbably the same, thomann sell the genuine parts.

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Yeah i would say they are the same, i have bought stuff off thomann and its been great everytime... plus 3 year guarantee ;)

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Thank you for the replies. I ordered them on Thomann.

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When you get them, tell us about the quality :)

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Yeah definately, I'd be interested to know if they were bad :)

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I got them today! Quality seems good, though I can't say I have comparison material. This is my first velour pair. I think they are genuine ones. They fit really tight, but they are still easy to bring on. The cushioning looks nice and evenly thick everywhere. The overall finishing looks really good. 

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Thx for the information :)

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Cool, glad you got the right pair! just wondering, can you notice any significant difference in sound?

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I don't notice any difference really. Maybe - with the emphasis on maybe - the sound is a little warmer (as can be expected with velour). I'll leave the verdict to an audiophile. The only real difference I notice is, that the cushions press more against my head, but that is probably because they are thicker compared to my original (leather?) ones that were - maybe - pressed flat over time. Or they are simply thicker. Don't know. Also, velour feels al lot warmer (not soundwise, but like real warmth) and closed around the ears.

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I think I have to adjust my opinion after a 2nd day of listening. The bass is a little warmer and deeper. I like it..

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