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There isn't a thread for Frogbeats yet, so I thought I would start one. I find these really useful for checking a site out before I buy from them.


I had a great experience with them. They are the only UK distributor for Fischer Audio, and I know a lot of people from the US have been ordering their Fischers from there too. I bought a FA-003 from there and although it was out of stock when I first visited, I contacted them and they emailed me immediately when they knew they were getting stock back in and it was becoming available for pre-order again. 



To start off I'll link a few threads with comments saying they're reputable:







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I want to add some extra feedback.


I contacted them with a specific issue about re-cabling, and they were very helpful and even posted me some stuff for free. Way beyond what I would expect from normal customer service. I think they will go far. 

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