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Grado SR-225=Poor Mans Sweetspot?

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So i've just been listening to some SR-225s and am impressed.  My very, first headphones were SR-60s.  I've owned SR-125s which I thought were an improvement over the 60s.  Tried a pair of RS-2s and sold them quick.  For some reason I just did not like them.  Ended up with some RS-1s years ago.  Very, nice headphone.  At a meet I had a chance to hear HP-2s and SR- 200s.  I would somehow find the money now ro buy either of these.  There was something very, special about them.


    So where do the HFs and PSs fit in to this picture.

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Did you find them comfortable? My main issue with them is comfort. I had to return them because the skin on my ears got very sensitive, and my head would in generally be in quite a bit of pain after a few hours of listening. I tried shampooing and conditioning the original pads, but to no avail. 

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I must have tougher skin.  With bowls and flats I don't have an issue with comfort.  I usually don' t listen more than 1-2 hours max.

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As a lot of people of Head-Fi probably know, I am huge fan of the 225i! I would even pay twice as much for them, that's the kind of listen pleasure I get from them. 

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This is the headphone that got me hooked. 

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Just ordered a pair. Cant wait to hear them!

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Would be interested to hear your impressions when you get them. 

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Been listening to them for a few hours and theyve got about 40 hours of burn in on them and I am really enjoying them. They've brought life to the section of my library left out by my beyers, which is exactly what I set out to do.


I LOVE the detail in the mids, exactly why I bought them. The highs are clear but I am less wowed by them as I am with the midrange.



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Only at Head-Fi is $200 the "poor man's" deal.  wink.gif

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Originally Posted by LithoJazoSphere View Post

Only at Head-Fi is $200 the "poor man's" deal.  wink.gif

Compared to RS-1s............I hear ya

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Totally agree about the ridiculous midrange. It's absolutely gorgeous! 

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The SR-225i is the next grado that I am planning to upgrade to from the SR-80... But that won't be for a long while since I reordered a HE-400. The SR-325is is too bright for me, it actually hurt my ears whenever I hear a brass instrument.

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