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For Sale:
Fiio E9 /w 3x LME49720NA's installed

Will Ship To: USA





I selling my fiio E9 as I need the money to move on to a amp that is a better match for my DT880 pros. I'm short so the fiio e9 must be sold to make up the different. I have replaced the OPA2134's with 3x LME49720NA's.  This is a very good starter amp, very strong one too. I replaced the op-amps to better ones because I didn't like how the original sound with my headphones.



Two of the three op-amp's are used for the rear RCA, and The other op-amp is used for the Front headphone jacks. The Amp are missing 3 screws, Two from the rear plate and one from the front plate, But the Plates are on good and tight and will not come off,If I find any screws small enough to fit. I will screw them into the mission spots. 


The Volume knob is a tad loose, as in when you till the E9 downward, the knob will fall off. But it perfectly fine as long you keep it leveled. It can be snapped back onto the pot. The Knob is remove-able so you can open up the E9 to get to the op-amp sockets inside. After you un-screw the Torx T5 screws.


The cost of shipping is included in the price, The fiio E9 will come with it original box with it's power cable. I will include the original OPA2134 Op-amps. The E7 slot is still connected inside of the E9, in-case those are wondering.


I will accept pay pal only. I have Feedback from the old feedback system and my eBay in my signature down below. I will ship by usps with tracking and insurance.



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