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Is this damage or normal? - Page 2

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Contact eBay.  If you communicated with him via eBay, they'll be able to read the correspondence and fix things for you.

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The problem is there is no way to contact ebay except via a US phone number....they deliberately removed all email options to prevent non US residents from contacting them.

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That is one scary (and blurry) looking picture.


Unfortunately after 45 days you can't really do anything. Why did you wait so long? or did it break right after that period?


Had it been earlier, you could have opened an eBay or a PayPal dispute.

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I bought it in september and it broke in december.


Can anyone recommend me a trusted seller for PK2s? Its looking like i need to get a replacement set. Head-fi charges too high ($80 USD = ~$120 SGD).

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If he refuses to honor warranty, you can still file a dispute with paypal if that is who you paid through. Also if you paid by credit card you have other avenues depending on their procedures.

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Just skip PK2. I'll recommend you the Blox M2c instead.

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Pretty sure the paypal dispute limit is like a month or something...


Hows the blox m2c compared to the pk2s? I posted a thread asking for recommendations of a PK2 alternative before i purchased this pair of PK2s, and nobody recommended any earbuds at all :(. Is the build quality at least better?

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I don't have PK2, but PK1 - and I'll say M2c is giving PK1 a good run for its money. As for build quality, it is decent - not great, but decent. For the least, I think it is on par with Yuin, if not slightly better. M2c is kind of out of stock on Blox now, you might want to drop them an email and ask them when it will be stock again.

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Ah damn i guess i will drop them an email then. Do they have staff that can read english?


How does the m2c sound like? Is it very neutral like the pk2s?

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M2c sounds more neutral than PK1, so I am assuming it is more neutral than PK2 as well. If you don't mind something slightly more warmish, the HiSound PAA-1 Pro is pretty good as well for around the same price range as M2c.

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Still no response from blox using the email on their page....

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So the seller suddenly asked me for my address. He claims he wants to send me a replacement...considering this is completely out of the blue, im pretty sure he's just using it as an excuse to send me back my damaged earphones and hope i wont notice the difference...


Also blox replied, they wont have stock till after the chinese new year.

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The replacement pair of PK2s arrived today. I am impressed, i didnt think the seller would actually do it.


Side question about burn in : Do i need to play at a high volume to do burn in? If i just play music at normal volumes for a few hundred hours, does that count as burn in?

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Normal volume. Why doesn't that counted as burn-in? Burn-in is just the assumption that mechanical movement will loosen the diaphragm up to its intended / relaxed state. High volume might make it faster, but it carries more risk of blowing the driver. In fact, just listen to the earbuds as it is and don't worry about burn-in.

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I missed this thread, but I'm glad that it worked out okay for you. I have purchased a few Yuin products from Deskfi on Ebay, and while I have not yet had any problems with the stuff I bought, it's good to know that Deskfi doesn't try to cheat their customers.

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