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from what Ive read asio4all is still supposed to work with windows 8.1


so maybe theres some form of replacement, although I dont know whether asio will sound a bit different.

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A question.


As a Head-Fier.... I'm only rally concerned with the quality from my headphones. My speakers aren't really that great, and they are driven by the Realtek Hi Definition Speaker output from my motherboard.  When I listen to the speakers, I use the Realtek Speaker output as the default device, but when I plug my DAC in to USB...  I have to MANUALLY change the device setup in Maiko to hear anything through my headphones. Once that is set, then I have no speaker output.  As there is no on/off switch on my DAC, I have to physically unplug it for Windows to then switch back to the Realtek output for speakers.

Is this normal? Can I do anything?


My DAC only has one line out, so it's not as if I can even drive my active speakers from my DAC (which would obviously solve the problem).

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What OS are you running?


I have 3 sound cards plugged in at the same time, and I can just switch between them through windows playback settings. I'm Windows 7

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Windows 8.1 Pro


I can manually switch, yeah...  I was wondering really, is there a way to automatically switch other than unplugging my DAC?

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I've decided to add a switch to the +5v line in the USB cable, so when I switch the cable to the Modi off, the PC will default to the Realtek Speaker output.



Should work.

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after having read at the winamp forums that maiko apparently still can be used with windows 8 I tried it myself and yes, I can confirm: It does still work with windows 8!


I tried it with v5.7 3364 Beta and its all fine. maybe it also works with the non beta version or also with later beta versions. Havent tried it though, I only read that it works for people using this version so thats the only release Ive tried so far. (from some version onwards, betas now expire after 4 weeks. the latest non expiring beta is build 3392 so that version might be worth testing as well)

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I confirmed a couple of posts back that it works with Windows 8.1.

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Thanks guys! I haven't been able to test it for myself yet, so I'm glad it works smily_headphones1.gif
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I've been experimenting with various bit-perfect Winamp output plugin options to use with my new Behringer UCA202 DAC.


The UCA202 will work with the default Window driver, which installs when the device is first plugged in. However, ASIO will not function with the default driver. It is necessary to install the Behringer-supplied 32 or 64 bit driver. I installed the Behringer driver, BEHRINGER_2902_WIN32_2.8.40, for my 32-bit Windows 7 installation.


At first, I tried using various ASIO Winamp plugins in conjunction with the Behringer driver. They all worked. However, one common flaw was that, on certain tracks, the first few milliseconds of the track would be cut off. Although the sound quality was superb, I was unable to find any plugin settings that solved the issue. Checking gapless or no-gapless playback made no difference. I concluded the issue was likely a driver problem, as it was common among all of the ASIO Winamp plugins. I did try ASIO4ALL, but was unable to get it to function with the UCA202.


I moved on to try a few Kernel Streaming solutions for bit-perfect Winamp output. I tried the latest out_ks363.dll plugin. This completely solved the several millisecond skip at the beginning of tracks. However a new problem emerged. Pausing playback caused the last few milliseconds of audio to play repeatedly while paused. Also, the LCD Smartie Spectrum Analyzer visualization lagged the playback significantly. Unacceptable.


I then moved onto a WASAPI solution with the latest Maiko Winamp plugin in "exclusive" mode. This also solved the skip at the beginning of some tracks. However, the stuttering-on-pause issue remained. I concluded that the driver, again, was the issue.


I finally completely uninstalled the Behringer driver and re-installed the UCA202, allowing Windows 7 to load its own native driver (no ASIO support). I tried both the Kernel Streaming and WASAPI Winamp plugins with the basic Windows 7 driver. I had partial success! The skip at the beginning of tracks was gone with the new driver. Both the Kernel Streaming and WASAPI plugins now paused without the annoying repeating audio. However the LCD Smartie Spectrum Analyzer plugin still exhibited the annoying lag with the played audio with the Kernel Streaming plugin.


In the end, the only bit-perfect solution that worked satisfactorily with Winamp and the Behringer UCA202 was the Maiko WASAPI Winamp plugin running in "exclusive" mode in conjunction with the native Windows 7 UCA202 driver.


I hope this saves someone from all the thrashing about I needed to do to find a good bit-perfect solution for Winamp and the Behringer UCA202 DAC.

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thanks for this post!


Only thing missing is the ability to crossfade for me thats a lot more important.

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Thanks for the tut.

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I found switching tracks with wasapi enabled, I got loud popping noise, same goes for stop, pause play and skip.


Came across a fix.



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i occasionally get some popping noises or short burst of static when using this with my newly bought audioengine d1 DAC.  anyone using this DAC that can help?  my settings are the same as the ones in the OP.  i also tried toying with some of the settings myself but no luck.

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moved my question to the right section, thnx for the guide

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Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post

moved my question to the right section, thnx for the guide

Cheers! :beerchug: 


I tried JRiver for a while, but for some reason I always come back to play some tunes in winamp with the Maiko Wasapi. 





Maiko/kitchen-fu has stopped development for this plugin (happened a couple years ago really). The latest version is: 0.53.test.04, and are known working with Windows vista, 7 and 8.1.


While the development has been suspended, the plugin still works, and sounds great! Enjoy! 

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