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44. We're gonna need more salt here.

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45. It's not cool to threaten to stab people in the face

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46. Newer audio equipment is not necessarily better than discontinued vintage models from the same series.

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47. Facts are facts, but sense perception beats evidence.

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Ugh, what's with all the subjectivism?


48. Trust your ears, but never trust your brain.

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49. It's a matter of taste, even when there's data.
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50. Headphones love juice.

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51. Don't go on head-fi in bed, lack of sleep will result.

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52.  You can get there from here.

53.  Don't forget to feed your phones.

54.  Listening to other's "good stuff" may weight your sig and lighten your wallet.

55.  People are better and/or sometimes needier than you think (substitute "you/I" for "people").

56.  Develop this sense (listening), use good sense, then save some cents and enjoy the music!

57.  Internet is <mostly> better for reliability/accountability than you might expect (w/proper vigilance/diligence).

58.  Don't keep the stuff you KNOW you won't listen to, but keep a good-sounding cheap rig...just in case. redface.gif

59.  Listening to TOTL headphones through OTL amps is a fun way to learn new acronyms.

60.  Don't drink and eBay.

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61. Never underestimate vintage audio equipment...

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62. Don't forget that it's really about the music - not the gear.

63. Take the time to sample / explore new music. There is a multitude of aural nirvana out there - if we simply take the time to look for it.

64. Acknowledge the fact that each one of us is unique - with different likes and dislikes. Remember to 'walk a mile in someone else's shoes" once in a while - or at least try to listen with their ears.

65. It's better to get to know new cans/amps/sources for a while before providing a review. The 'honeymoon period' can sometimes be very short :)

66. My point of view may be right for me - but I need to respect the right for others to disagree.

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67. The quality of the recording is the most important factor in any headphone system.

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68. Debating with people who are unable to see reason isn't futile, it's fun. You know who you are...

69. People are prone to completely changing their minds about what they heard to match popular opinion, even well-known reviewers. (Technically always possible, but sometimes it's really blatant)

70. The worst possible people are talk to are those who combine warped science with audiophoolery.

71. Logical fallacies are fun.

72. Headphones are also fun.

73. Square waves are pretty.

74. Modern lossy compression is pretty damn good in many cases.

75. The ability to buy lots of equipment and write about it at length has the bizarre effect of making people trust you. Must try it sometime...


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76. Be careful about volume when running frequency sweeps.

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77. More expensive doesn't always mean better sound.

78. Meets can cause grave damage to your bank account.

79. Tube amps work for low and high impedance headphones.


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