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New AD-900

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I just received the audio-technica ad900's and I truly love it. Though it is not burned in for that long of time, I already like them and feel that they will just keep getting better and better. Anyways I would like to know what would be a suitable dac/amp to support these? I know some say that they don't need them, but I would like one anyways. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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Bumping every hour will not help. I assume you are listening on a computer? A USB DAC and amp will improve them.

Since you haven't even put down a price, a Benchmark DAC1 (or any other DACs that measures reasonably well) + HA5000 is my choice for Audio Technicas.
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What are these headphones going to be plugged into?

The ATH-AD900 does not have a big change when amped.


The ATH-AD900 are 40-Ohm, max power is 2000mW.

So I'm guessing a solid state USB/DAC/headphone amplifier that's plugs into a wall socket (plenty of juice).

That's my 2 cents.


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As they are low impedance, they are very sensitive to the output impedance of the amp. Amps like Essence have rather high output impedance and does not drive them well, that can be said to many cheaper tube amps too.
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I had AD900's, I returned them.


I have a Schiit valhalla, the difference from that and my iPhone was so minimal, I was getting annoyed. In fact the iPhone was probably less fatiguing.

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I have the AD900s. Amping them doesn't make a difference. And I doubt you really need a DAC. If you listen on your iphone/ipod touch, they have a better DAC than most standalone DACs in the $0-200 price range. If you use your computer, it depends what computer you have. But even then, I doubt it'll make much of a difference.

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 In relation to spend and what they're capable of ~ Nuforce uDAC2 or Fiio E10, I'd go the Nuforce

 and call it a day.

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I have a toshiba harman kardon p750. oh and thanks for all the input and suggestions.

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I had AD900s and used Audio-GD Compass for years.  I'm planning on getting an Audio-GD NFB-12 as my next upgrade for $200.  It's a DAC with dual WM8741s, a headphone amp and pre-amp.  Switching between your desktop monitors and headphones will be a breeze.  For entry level, introduction to DAC and amps, can't do better in terms of pricing and what you get.  I'm not prepared to spend more until I have something like the Audeze LCD2 headphones, so I'll go with NFB-12.  You may want to consider it.  This is for desktop only.  For portable, just feed the AD900 from your mp3 player or laptop, no need for tiny portable amps/dac, waste of money if you ask me.

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Hmm that sounds nice, I will check that out, thanks!

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Gf has the ad900 - fiio e10 setup. She likes it with bass boost ON while I like it without, but I must say the bass boost matches quite well with the at. I prefer it OFF simply because I have other cans when I want to feel the bass.


IMO they do not need a very strong/expensive amp. On the other hand all headphones would benefit from a cleaner source, so I would look into a dac/amp instead of a stand alone amp. E10 is cheap, is sounding, and does its job right - which is all I wanted. She seemed happy too, and caught the headfi bug due to my suggestion. dt880smile.png

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