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So I have been bitten by upgraditis, as is so common in this hobby. My current setup is Windows PC>Foobar>Optical>Compass>Denon D7000's. I am looking to upgrade if the gains will be significant enough. Budget $1000-1250 roughly. I am not sure if I want to go with either a seperate DAC and Amp, or go with an all in one unit. I am also looking at picking up another set of cans. Maybe HD600-650, LCD2's, or something else. So keep that in mind. Right now a few things that have caught my attention are:


Antelope Zodiac

Burson HA160D

Metrum Acousitcs Octave (waiting for a few more reviews and time to pass) + amp(not sure on that yet maybe a WA6)

Used Bel Canto DAC3, than save for an amp


Used Grace M902

Used Benchmark DAC1 HDR (out of price point unfortunately, still considering)


Is this move worth it? I listen to all genres of music pretty much, and have a vast collection of FLAC ;-)


Let me hear your thoughts, experiences, suggestions.



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