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Sennheiser HD 600 with bassy music?

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I am looking to upgrade to the Sennheiser HD 600 as I have been told it is a wonderful headphone however i'm worried that the bass won't be strong enough. I mainly listen to dubstep, electronic, Dance music. Has anyone tried these phones with dubstep? Also i have tried LCD 2 Rev. 1 with dubstep and found bass to be sufficient. 

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If those are your main musical genres, then I think Ultrasone's PRO900 would be a better option for ya.  Not that the HD600 wouldn't handle those genres well, it's just the PRO900 really excel at those genres(from what I've read) along with having exceptional bass impact and punch.

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Don't even think about an open can.

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The HD600s have bass.  This is an unfortunate misunderstanding that gets blown out of proportion.  The 600s are fairly accurate and do a decent job in playing the music fairly close to the way it was recorded.  If the recording is bass heavy, you'll hear it.  If it is bass light, it will be light.  If you want exaggerated bass, you'll need to look for some headphones that colorize the sound to the bass side of things.  Also, the 600s do benefit from proper amping, which does bring the bass to the party.

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The Beyerdynamic DT990 and Sennheiser HD650 have very strong bass.  They are also as open as a summer window.

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Don't even think about an open can.



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Unfortunately the HD600 are headphones.  A neutral headphone won't give off the same type of bass that a neutral speaker setup will.


It will also depend upon the person and their own preferences as well.  I've heard the HD650 and didn't think it had a satisfying bass punch for electronic and hip-hop, but it does have bass.


If anything I say go with HD650.



I am sorry, but the DT990 does not have strong bass.  The DT990 has a pretty nice mid-bass, but it has a noticeable rolloff into the sub-bass region.  The HD650 does too, but less so.

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If you liked the LCD-2's bass, then I'd think you'd be disappointed with the HD600. I heard the HD600 and the LCD-2 at a meet once. I bought the HD600 for monitoring and studio work, as reference cans. But if I were to listen to music just for enjoyment like the genre's you've mentioned, I wouldn't go for the HD600

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Alright so here is the situation. In my hands right now i have the Sennheiser hd 25-1 II and bowers and wilkins c5. Right now the senn kinda acts as both my home setup (with audinst) as well as my portable (with PA2v2). The Bowers are being sold right now for 130. If I sell sennheiser hd 25's then i will ahve approximately 280. With this 280 I have to get both my portable and home setup. I would like to spend most of that on home setup. What would you guys suggest I do. I could score a deal on hd 650 but then i won't have any headphones for portable. If I get hd 600 i will have 40 bucks for portable(i know that isn't much). 

Thanks for the help everyone has given so far.

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Oh the genre's i listed are my main genres. I do enjoy listening to others such as the artists: skillet, breaking benjamin, linkin park, mumford and sons, etc.

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What sort of dubstep do you listen to? Is it more the laid-back, sub-bass oriented or is it more jumpy and focussed on the mid-bass and melody? 

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hmmm i think both. i will just list some artists that i listen to: Excision, Nero, Skrillex, Skream, cyberoptics, djunya and smaller artists like unlimited gravity, slim thugz, knife party.

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Some more options for ya that I think would work well with your musical genres:


Sennheiser HD518


Utrasone HFi-580, HFi-680, HFi-780, DJ1 PRO



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I've only listened to a little dubstep (like Korn's new album), and it sounds pretty good on my DT990s.

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Any other suggestions? I think I am going with Ultrasone Pro 900 because there is a really good deal right now on headfi. I will purchase Sennheiser HD 650 or 600 later when i get more money. My budget is around 290

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If you do go with the PRO900, checkout it's appreciation thread for info and any possible tweaks you might want to try down the line.

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