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Hard Decisions.. HD25-1 II... K240 studio... AD900

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Hey guys,


I know these headphones cant be anymore different, especially the HD25-1.. I had originally made up my mind on getting a pair of AD900s from Amazon as I wanted to try a pair of open cans for more sound stage.  


However, I recently got a $100 gift card for best buy, and after looking online, I have narrowed my choices down to the HD25-1 / adidas, or the K240 studio... I never tried the HD25s, but I heard some good things about them around here, and they would be ideal for portability... As for the K240, I recently had a chance to try them, and from the brief moment that I had with them, they somewhat impressed me, with pretty good clarity and adequate bass... Very comfortable and semi open sound with a larger sound stage than what Im used to.


I never had a chance to try the AD900s, but from what I can gather, they seem to offer the best sound stage....


I mostly listen to electronic music, trance and vocal trance.... My point of reference are limited to what I had before... I still enjoy my V6s quite a bit, and found that they have the perfect punch, impact and amount of bass that I like... I hated the Vmoda Crossfade LPs, as they were too bassy and muddy sounding... I also disliked the Image Ones, as they were all bass, too colored and very artificial sounding.... 


Ideally, Id get all 3 to try them out, but that would break my budget ;) 




1. How are the K240s compared to the AD900?  I liked the amount of bass the K240 had, would the AD900 offer the same with more soundstage? Would it be somewhat redundant and wasteful if I get both? 


2. The other option is to add $$ and get the HD25 from best buy and get the AD900 on amazon as well... How are the HD25s?  I have a pair of K430 as my portable right now... while they are pretty light, I think they are too flat and somewhat too boring for my liking...  Otherwise Id rather use my X10 or TF10 iems on the go compared to the K430


3. Forget about the AD900.... Get the HD25 for portable use and k240s for home use.....Are the AD900s too bass light compared to the other 2??  Although that would leave me wondering how much better the AD900s would sound like ;)  


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bump... any opinions are appreciated

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I just got the HD25's last week. I really like them and they are good portables. The frequency response is flat imo. I am comparing these to my D2000's which can be bassy. They are well built and I like the fact the parts are easily replaceable if they break. They can be tight on the head and I have read about others complaining about how tight they are especially with glasses

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I thought the HD25 were supposed to be somewhat bassy? Im not really sure.... I wonder how is the bass compared to the V6, if the quantity and quality is about the same, Im happy.....   As long as they have better mids and highs

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