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Are these for real¿

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hahahaha.. should be interesting, kind of weird though, how would he managed to play around with the sound? disturbing the signal?



cheers, lol

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We can expect weird things coming from Dre beats. biggrin.gif

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Well, at least it's inovative. Who knows, the kids may even go for it.

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Lol this is not going to be able to compete with the original beats IMO.  I really just don't see it happening.  Many of the people I see walking around with beats have no interest in buying something like that.  It just seems to me that they for the most part either want whatever is cool or bought the most expensive headphones from their local electronics store.  Not everyone wants to just scratch up their music for no reason, actually most people wouldn't want to do that as far as I could tell.


If that's real, or if that ends up happening.  I think it's a no go.  The original beats were very well conceived and well marketed because it has such a wide audience and striking image.  The image is already there no, so there's no reason for people to reach out and get these over their already existing beats.

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