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AIAIAI TMA-1 or Senhieser hd-25?

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i am fairly new to the community and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me come to a decision.

i want a new pair of headphones and i somehow landed on the Tma-1's and the adidas hd-25, i landed on these mainly because i wanted something good looking, portable and most importantly... good sound. i have learned that looks isn't everything after purchasing a pair of studio beats by dre (dont hate on me :D) and finding that the noise cancelling gave me terrible headache. i sold them and am now on the hunt again. the problem i have is that there is no shops that have the hd-25's on to try. so i have no idea about the sound from a personal point of view, although i have heard they are very good. however i have try'd on the Tma-1's in a apple store and thought they were brilliant. can someone please bless me with your knowlage and help me come to a decision!

i am also very open to any other headphone suggestions that match the requirements above ^


thank you :) 

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TMA for looks and bass, HD25 for durability, isolation and a more balanced sound. I prefer my HD25 over my friend's TMA. For me, the TMA-1 was too dark and veiled compared to the HD25. 

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a quick question, i was able to try on the hd-25 sp II in a hmv store and i thought they sounded terrible, this model is majorly different to the hd-25's im guessing?

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u want the hd-25-1 II (or the adidas originals), the sp's are a different headphone. I also prefer the HD25's to the TMA-1's, which sounded terrible to me (although i only listened for a few minutes, so take my advice with a grain of salt).

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thank you, 

as i have not tryed the hd-25's, i have heard they clamp your head and and uncomfortable?

i thought the Tma-1's were very comfortable and nice.

also, for what i will be using them for, e.g walking the dog, long car journeys, flights, and general at home listening, is £180 - 200 an exessive amount to spend in your opinion? or are there some other headphones you could recomend?

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I have the HD25's and yes the clamping force is pretty hard. I've put a lot of hours on them so my ears are accustomed to the pressure. 


Sound quality wise they are great. Good bass and midrange. The highs really extend. They also isolate well. 


I only use them to DJ, but the clamping force is great for that. They won't be falling off your head when you're dancing around. 


Some may argue that the HD25's look better than the TM1's. I'm not a fan of the holes that are used for adjustment. Then again most people don't like the cables sticking out on both these headphones. 

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I had the chance to try out both in a store, and I have to say I preferred the TMA-1 - though I have a strong preference for a smoother sound. The HD25 was very resolving and dynamic, but the sound was somewhat V-Shaped (emphasized bass / treble) and a little too dry for me. The TMA-1 in comparison was fairly thick and dark sounding, but still dynamic and detailed - better than say my pair of Bowers and Wilkins P5's. The clamping was comfortable on the TMA-1 but made me a little paranoid with how light the force was. Pretty sure a single tug on the cable would pull them right off your head.


Because Im still looking for a nice portable, I've got my eyes on the TMA-1's. The V-Moda M-80's look incredibly promising too, as well as the Audio Technica ES88. Well, the AT design looks amazing anyway. If they sound anything like the ES-10's, then I'd have the same problem with them as I did with the HD25's. 



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Originally Posted by cjammer7 View Post


as i have not tryed the hd-25's, i have heard they clamp your head and and uncomfortable?

I only really find them uncomfortable if I've been wearing them for 4 hours+. 



What music you listen to is crucial here when asking for advice on one headphone over another. Different headphones suit different tastes and different music genres generally speaking. E.g I really like my HD 25-IIs for rock, metal etc but I wouldn't recommend them for classical, choral and similar due to the small soundstage. 

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What I can tell is, the TMA has a smoother sound and becomes not as dark as before after burn-in. I prefer TMA to HD25

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How long does it take to burn-in?

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I have a pair of TMA-1's and they sound fantastic. They are also comfortable to wear all day whereas I felt the hd-25's started to be painful after a while.

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tma1, here in Italy you can find them at approx 100 euros! best buy! smily_headphones1.gif
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Thinking of buying a pair of one of these great headphones.... I found them at the exact same price so I am in a big dilemma....Read all your posts and I understand that both have great sound quality and have a great build... So I ask if one of those best the other at a point...

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