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For Sale: Burson HA-160D

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For Sale:
Burson HA-160D

Will Ship To: USA

Due to changes in circumstance I'm putting my Burson HA-160D up for sale. From some angles in certain light the top panel shows a light shadow like pattern. Aside from that the amp is in like new condition. The price includes Paypal charges and shipping. I am considering offers from USA only.

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Might be interested. Quick question - does plugging in a headphone mute the line outs + does the volume knob control both headphone outs + line out?

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I'm pretty sure plugging in headphones mutes the line outs. (I haven't used it as a preamp since last summer and my studio monitors are currently being stored a couple thousand miles away.) The volume knob does adjust the line outs when they are in use,

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