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My opinion with upgrading usb cable's, as well as other opinion's from what I've read, is some cables actually improve the sound. Some don't. They are not always price dependent. The names of usb cables that most people say improve the sound, are the locus design usb cables. It seems other usb cables (even REALLY expensive ones) are mixed with conflicting reviews. The usb cable that I choose to buy was the Wywire usb, after reading some positive reviews. It is also a couple hundred dollars cheaper then the axis usb cable. It is every bit as good. Compared to the stock usb cable, their is more detail from top to bottom. The bass had a tad less impact in the extreme low frequencies. But was not thin at all and was clearly more articulated. The stock cable was muddy in comparison. Which may have given the delusion of more bass by smearing the low tones. The Wywire cable sounds much more natural and extended, without sounding brighter. You can here the decay and natural metallic resonance on cymbals much more. With digital recordings this is always the most difficult to execute. The separation and placement of instrument seems better defined. The vocals become clear and articulated. It is if a veil was lifted. In short a clear upgrade in sound quality. Which has improved my system.