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I have several phones at the moment, Audio Technica  50s and AD700s, and older UE IEMs. I'm looking for a headphone who's best asset is imaging. I've tried to search for this sort of thing but can't figure out a good way to go about it, I keep coming up with like 900 threads, so... Here I am.


Ideally I'd like a big sound stage with good separation between instruments/voices and at least some of the sound stage in front of me. I realize I may be asking for too much, even at any price for all I know.


The funny thing is I remember a long time ago (and I mean like 30 years) I demo'd some Sennheiser phones in a shop in NYC, and remember feeling like the musicians were sitting around me playing, I actually started looking around. It was spooky. Haven't felt like that for a long time.


I've read some things that imply that the new 500 series Sennheisers do well in this category, but haven't seen any real confirmation in reviews. Also, anyone have thoughts on the AT AD900s? Any ideas would be very welcome.