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I had one of the old pairs of LCD-2s with the foam head band...well before any of the fazors came in to focus. I enjoyed them for many years without any issues. Driver failure finally caught up to me and occurred well past the warranty and were repaired and returned within a month without issue. I liked the cans so I wanted them around. The newer fazor addition is quite nice, i can understand why many perhaps did not enjoy the earlier version of the LCD-2 but with certain genres of music is did have its magic. 


While the LCD-2  was out, I decided to move up to the  LCD-3f latest version. From the hundreds of pages on this forum I found a couple references that the LCD-3fs really up scaled well so I started looking at amps. I threw my name in the hat for a GSX-MkII but not being a long time patient man continued to look for a solution that I could find a bit sooner. 


With the Red Wine Audio, love it or hate it, was love for me...the differences in the cans ad me rolling tubes a bit and I ended up with the Amperex Bugle Boy vesus my older Telefunken.


But I decided to add my name is on the list for the GSX-MkII and began searching for a balanced DAC. Here and there I read happy words regarding this elusive "Lampi" DAC. Did my research...the company ethos for sound basically was my wish I am now the proud owner of a Lampizator Head DAC Gen 4 Lvl 4.  I have to say that thing is a bit magical with the LDC lines. Fluid, sweet, detailed, holographic really, resolving.


The sound is in the room and then when the music starts it just takes you your own personal concert with you favorite band. The music just floats out there in front of you and you can hear all the details. Everything just sounds right again whether with the 2 or the 3. With the lampi you are going to clearly see the differences between the two harder to head back to the LCD2 as often now.


First thoughts, I have only had the amp for a couple days.  


Congrats to the Head DAC!! Would you characterize that the Head DAC as fast and dynamic or more relaxed and laid back?