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The european headphone cartel; what do? (First HP).

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Hello, i'm new in this area of expertise and i'm focused on getting some good equipment for my portable MP3 player/Computer/Stereo. I know this is quite a long thread but bear with me, i'm a audio-virgin upgrading from 20$ earbuds (english ain't me native language).


I did some thorough research and I've really taken a liking to the ATH-M50 (fell in love) but here in Europe headphones are mad expensive. The M50 costs nearly double that of the US amazon price (US:120$/UK:210$). On these forums people keep praising the M50 for it's value and that it's easily obtainable for 100$. Where does this leave me? How do other europeans cope with this headphone cartel? Am i to accept the price?

Have it shipped is out of the question as my country is renowned for the highest taxes in the world (a minor tax, 25% VAT, shipping cost and a 28$ VAT handling fee easily makes it 200$).

Naturally I've questioned my motives of getting this equipment; Do i really need such an expensive headphone? I guess this is the other main question i'm posing in this thread. I'm no DJ or anything fancy, i just spend a lot of time listining to music and want some solid equipment that will last years to come.


I'd like to listen to music while i'm on the move (35min on my bike to university) and thus the semi-closed semi-portable M50 headphone is perfect (want to hear cars but also using them commuting/at home). The M50 preforms very well in the mids which suits my needs of simple composed guitar/song music, soft rock and classical, and is adequate for the little gaming i excersice. Its durability is unmatched and i find it, in all regards, an anesthetically pleasing equipment though i might be worried it's a little too big for my portable-needs.


- One danish review article of the M50 stated, as the only con, that portable equipment wouldn't serve the M50 justice while i've read several times on this forum, that i can disregard this as a marginal difference. In contraction I've read, to my benefit, that the M50 doesn't require amp (it too, would be marginal). Though, this supports the probability that it's a little overkill for me and my needs to spend 200$ on a HP.



- Currently the XD-53 (not a lot of info on this one, it seems far less popular) is priced 30$ lower than the M50 and i guess i can live with the aesthetics (again a little worried of the size). How does it preform against the M50 (30$ better? :wink: :wink:).

- The HD25-1 II is priced 10$ higher than the ATH-M50. They seem to preform the same but this is smaller and seems more portable.


XD-53:      180$

ATH-M50:  210$

HD25-1 II:  220$

Best regards!

PS. When i finally get my HP i'll look forward to lurk around these forums a little more; it was quite a treat stumbling upon this little jewel on the internet.

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I have no experience with the XD-53, but I can tell you about the others. The ATH-M50 is a good headphone for somebody just starting out, but it's not worth $210. Don't buy it at that price. The HD-25 II is a pretty nice and portable headphone that gets a lot of love on Head-Fi, and may be worth it at $220. I'd recommend you look around at Fischer Audio, which has German and UK dealers, and see if there's anything you like there. I'd recommend their FA-003, but it's pretty large and needs an amplifier to really shine.



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Thank you for the quick reply but as i've written i face a severely overpriced market adding closer to 1/2 of the price rather than 1/3. Every headphone is expensive. From my perspective the only choice i have is to step down the ladder and get a M30 at 90$.


Thank you for the suggestion of the FA-003, but i think it strays too far away from my needs. I don't see me ever getting an amplifier and if they're too big they'll defeat the purpose of being all-around headphones that i can use commuting to school and at home.


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If you don't mind used you can find some mint stuff in the forums here, maybe even something with a transferable warranty if you get lucky

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I take it they will be subject to VAT too, they're pretty strict in my country.

Are there any other europeans on these forums? I wonder what they do when they need a new set of headphones?

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There are a lot of Europeans on Head-Fi. You just have to look around (perhaps search the word "Europe" to find mentions of it. I'd send them a private message and ask about it.

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