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Help- $300 Budget

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     I'm sort of new to the whole Headphone scene. For years i've just been running around with the standard ipod earbuds, but just recently purchased Beats Solo HD. They were basically just temporary headphones until the next paycheck comes in because I didn't have enough funds for the Studio's and was in need of some new headphones. I was fond of the Studio's my friend had but after lurking around the forums for a couple of days I have been exposed to even more options and i'm willing to go into another direction.


Budget: Around $300 for headphones (willing to spend more on other equipment if needed)


Use: Primarily to be used with 1st gen iPod video and iPhone4


Music Genre: Mostly indie, jazz,trip hop, and instrumentals.



 -Portability: Out on the go a lot

 -Durability: I'd like to be able to not worry about them so much when i'm at the motocross track. It's bad enough I have camera equipment to worry about.

 -Noise Cancelling?: There's alot of background noise but it isn't my biggest concern.

 -Amp or No Amp?: I don't know much about this topic yet seeing as I've only been exposed to what's given with iPods. 



Ultrasone Pro 900

AKG K701

V-Moda Crossfade M-80



Not sure if those suit my musical taste.




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Without amp you can already remove K701 and Pro900 ll not be at its best with just an ipod, but its possible.


With your taste, i ll say HFi780. V80 (from review) seem also very good, but V80 is an on-ears heaphone, not an over-ears like HFi780.

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Try to find a pair of the denon ah-d 2000 can get a used pair for under 300 dollars(frequently sold around $210) works decent without a amp. Once you get a little more money but a cheap amp fioo e7 amp (like $70), doing so will enhance the sound greatly.

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Try to find a pair of the denon ah-d 2000 can get a used pair for under 300 dollars(frequently sold around $210) works decent without a amp.


D2000 don't fit the recommendations.


Portability = very bad

Durability = fragile

Noise cancelling = very bad.

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I don't mind getting an amp, I just don't know much about it or what a decent one even goes for. I'd be willing to get a fiio e17 if it's portable and good enough to run the K701 and 900.
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Though they benefit from an amp, I'd still chip in and recommend the Fischer Audio FA-003/Brainwavz HM5 for your use. They work great alone with an iPod (but clear up more when amped), are extremely durable, and block out noise very well. However, they're quite large (do a google image search for Fischer Audio FA-003 and you'll know what I mean), but very light and portable for my use, at least. With the variety of your genres, something neutral like it would probably work best. Hope this helps.



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Thank you for the input.

Question: Is an E17 good enough to go with the K701 or 900?
I know it's not released yet but if there's anyone that could give some advice, please do
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