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Need to find 50-75 Dollar Headphones

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Hello, I am trying to find a good pair of closed ear headphones. I mostly listen to hip-hop and sometimes techno. I want a good set with just enough bass and crisp sound. The headphone buying guide doesn't really have what I want so I want your expert opinions on what I should get. They will mostly be used at home and occasionally at home. Thank you for your help.

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I suggest the Sennheiser HD428. As an owner, I can say they are very comfortable and have good clean sound with decent isolation. They don't have a lot of bass but it should be adequate for your needs and from what you described above, it doesn't sound like you are wanting tons of it. Currently on Amazon for $65.

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Any other Suggestions?

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CALs (Creative Aurvana Live) nice sound, closed, only 32-Ohm so easy to drive.

Cups are on the small size, barely fits around my ears.

Great price at Amazon and Creative Labs.

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Sony MDR-V6

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I need some with some bass but not bass that is all you hear like beats haha

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Are Sennheiser HD448 any good?

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Originally Posted by TheUsualChoice View Post

Are Sennheiser HD448 any good?


They have a better frequency response than the HD428 and they have a higher SPL (Sound Pressure Level) too. They have the same impedance as the HD428s so they can be easily driven by an ipod as well.

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So I should get them?

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I have the 448's and yeah, they sound good with the type of music you listed. And they are comfortable enough. I can wear them for a few hours no problem. If you can find them used I would go the route (amazon is still a good deal if you dont want to buy used)

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The Sony V6 is nice, and the CAL is interesting, however these are now over $75. How about the JVC HAM750? If you can boost your budget, then get the Sony V6. I think it is over $100 on Amazon now, but B&H has it for $85.



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