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Mobile Safari crashes alot...

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I've noticed that mobile Safari on my iPad 2 crashes quite often when browsing the forums. Don't know if it's because of the ads in the right column, but I do suspect it...

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I've tried Atomic browser and it doesn't crash.

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i dont think I have ever had the browser crash on any of my idivices ever.. maybe you have too many other apps open? (as in not fully closed)

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First thing I did As it happened the first time was to close any background app and then restart the iPad. It didn't help. Sometimes I can browse for a long time, other times it crashes instantly...

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Same thing happens to my ipod touch. I even reset it multiple times. My ipod nano also kept having to be reset. And now my Classic is making funny noises, but maybe that is just normal. 


I thought Apple products were supposed to have good reliability. WTF?!?!



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These crashes has nothing to do with Apple. I suspect the Google ads is the culprit...

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Happens to me as well on iPad 2. Sometimes it is rare, other times quite frequent. I'll have to try that atomic browser.

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Yep, it occurs all the time to me. I thought apple was supposed to be better then the competition. My android tablet never crashes.

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I also experience frequent browser crashes using Safari on iDevices. Especially annoying in the middle of a long post or reply. I'll try Atomic as well.


I am not certain it's related to the Google ads, as I've only encountered it on Head-Fi.

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1. Go to App Store
2. Buy 'Tapatalk' app
3. Browse forums without advertisements and extra clutter.
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I just bought Atomic and unfortunately the crashes appear to be just as prevalent. The browser is the only app running - nothing else is backgrounded.


Head-Fi works with Tapatalk? I'll investigate further as I thought it didn't. 

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I just installed Tapatalk HD on my iPad. It looks promising. Unfortunately it doesn't support the subscribed threads, but it beats the constant crashing 😊
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