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Originally Posted by BigDave View Post

Bought a pair of these but find that they do not work with my samsung galaxy or my iriver mp3 player - disappointing.  Why did they come with two identical (yet different coloured) cords?  Why not one regular headphone cable and the other a iphone one with the remote inbuilt?

Because the phones are made for apple users, different colour just for aesthetics, so you can mix and match colours. Think the company is a subsidiary of Apple.
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Get a V-Moda single clicker hp cable & be done with it. No biggie, and not too expensive.
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Since I go two cable, I wonder if you can just remove one of the plastic black rings on the plug and change it into an audio only cable?  I think it would be the one furthest away from the end of the plug.  Probably could just put solder into the gap to make it smooth.....


Would this work?  What is the configuration of the plug?

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If you don't want or need the controls then you can just use a normal aux cable like you can with many of the V-Modas, Beats, and other headphones that have the removable cables. Most of these use interchangeable cables and both ends terminate in normal headphone plugs.
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I've been wondering about how these sound, but there are almost no reviews online, and lets not even talk about measurements! I think they look amazing and if they are a comfortable as the few people who have used them say, they should be a great pair for going out. 

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They sound pretty balanced to me. The Bass isn't too boomy, mids are present and clean, and the highs are clear, but not shrill. I listen to a fair mix of rock/alternative, metal, classical, electronic, and a bit of hip-hop, and they perform well across the spectrum on both my iPhone/iPad, Sandisk Clip, and my PCs. If I had to pick one area where they could be lacking, it's a little in the soundstage and instrument separation, but it's not enough to be a dealbreaker or a major factor. They sound thicker overall and much less airy than my Panny's, which sound brighter and a little more precise, particularly in the mids.


The comfort and sound isolation is decent, and with a solid build they are, indeed, a great pair for going out. I use them on my morning commute regularly. They've warmed up a bit over break-in, smoothing out a bit. 


Granted, my only other cans were an ancient pair of Koss and the Panny RP-HTF600, so my basis for comparison is lacking a bit. I've heard a pair of P5's a few times, and they certainly are not as detailed, but when you factor in price, the Sonics are a solid deal. With the $149 MSRP, they're alright, but at $100 they're decent, and at $50 they're flippin awesome. 

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+1 on them being a great value for anyone getting them for ~$50. IMO there's no reason to not get them if you're specifically in the market for decent sound and a three-button remote for Apple products.

I'll admit that V-Moda's got these things beat in that market space... but only if you can swing it. I can't, so here I am.
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Try taking out the cable and pluggin it in backwards - the angled end into the headphone and the straight end into your player/phone.

It will now work just like any stereo cable with no mic. Should work with any device you have this way.


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Nah, tried that already.  You get no sound.  Makes sense, the female jack in the cup only accepts a normal plug.

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^ v-moda audio-only cable. $12, and very nice.
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Well, just slipped an adaptor onto the end of the cable and it works a treat, so no need to get a new cable.  Just wish it did not have such a big, stubby ending, but at least it works with all of my equipment now.

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Great review!!


I just received a pair of these (the same colour) and am really starting to ENJOY them. :0)


I've also ordered a pair of ATH M50's as I am very curious about the accuracy of sound that many reviewers are raving about.


It'll be interesting to see how I use the two sets of headphones in my everyday lifestyle...whether one for home and the other for outdoors, or instead I end up completely falling in love with one pair altogether.


Thanks again for your brilliantly written review!

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Just a quick question from a newcomer here:


What car do you think the Audio Technica ATH M50's would be?



Cheers. :0)

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^A Pinto,...^rolleyes.gif
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I got a pair of Grado SR60i's for Christmas and I have been lurking these forums ever since. I like them but I'm considering replacing them with Sonics due to comfort issues. I love the design, they look like something I can wear in public without leaking sound everywhere and falling off my head.


I'm concerned with sound quality, though. Do you guys think the Sonics will sound just as good as the Grados, or better? I can get some on Amazon for $80, which seems like a good deal considering that the sticker price is $150. I'll have to pay for shipping if I decide to return them though. If you guys think there is no way they will sound as good as what I already have, I'll just keep the Grados and maybe buy some new pads.

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