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I am posting this out because this has been my general experience so far . I will keep it short.


I have two systems  , 


1 ,  A mid 90's Technics amp hooked up to my Netbook and Creative Sound Blaster Go ( USB Card) Itunes and a pair of S70 Cambridge Audio Speakers ( a very recent purchase) as well as a Marantz CD -48 player fed to the same speakers and Amp



2.  A car boot sale Sanyo G7711-SUPER- 2 ( record player , tape and am/fm combi )



My music collection is a mixture of MP3, CD's and Vinyl , I love the convenience  of digital music and most of my music is stored in this way.  My set up is by no means high end but I am consistently blown away by the clarity, impact and general sound that comes from it. But I find myself constantly tweaking settings, flicking through tracks and actually, if I am honest more time nerding about than actually listening to my music.


I have just picked a record at random and fired up my Sanyo. I have listened , all the way through, and felt thoroughly immersed from start to finish, not once did I want to flick, play around, tweak or google anything that promises better. This has happened on a few occasions. I can place a record on , and I feel like the whole room soaks up the sound. Whereas my digital collection seems to just play through , yes it sounds great and defined but doesn't captivate me in the same way.



This is entirely subjective and un scientific I know but has anybody else had a similar experience ? I know I don't have the best ears but I do know ( even after a recent expenditure on the speakers ) that if I am honest with myself I find it more pleasurable to listen to my bargain, vintage Sanyo. 


I would almost say that I would prefer the Sanyo for general listening or when I have company around and you want a soft blanket of atmospheric music and for deep , concentrated listening my digital system would be choice.  Two types of listening experience?! Has anyone else had a similar experience or conflict with their systems?