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Originally Posted by jc222284 View Post

Same 3 I was going to recommend.


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Are we talking about just looks here or just sound? 

Because if we're talking about looks, you can go for fanny wangs which are quite interesting phones, which you could design the colour of each part. They look pretty cool, but I have no idea how they sound unfortunately. Apparently, fanny wang, had some court Issues with beats as the headphone's appearance, was a bit too similar. but yeah, check it out.:p

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For bass & portability I'd also add ATH-WS70 (Solid Bass series) to the mix. The cups can swivel so they can rest comfortably when worn around the neck and aren't too heavy either.



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I've been curious about the WS70.  I wonder if it's a contender in the basshead arena, since it is from the "Solid Bass" series.

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Originally Posted by djviciouscycle View Post

I've been curious about the WS70.  I wonder if it's a contender in the basshead arena, since it is from the "Solid Bass" series.

Well bass it probably has that's for sure, I'd be more worried about mids & highs. On the package it says "OVERHELMING BASS" HAHAHA xD


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I gotta go VM80, XB700, HFI580, or maybe that new Audio Technica headphone....ugh forget the name. pro700 or something?

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Lol you know what I just realized? These thread are a dime a dozen, there are always at least 2 on the front page of the Full-Size subforum. So when users come here to give their suggestion, they already know exactly what to say.


"Hi I want kind of a neutral signature, but with a bit more ba-" M50, SRH840.

"Hey I like an airy analytical soun-" K701, SRH940

"I want to hear what the artist inten-" DT880

"I want a bassy sig-" SRH750, DT770/990, HD-25, HFI580, Pro900

"Bass." XB500/700


Anyway the HFI are actually starting to intrigue me. They are said to be a fantastic deal, I'll have to try them, which I actually think I can since a store nearby has them on their website. Although my CAL already feel like the kings of the price-quality ratio to me.

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ATH-m50S or ATH-PRO700MK2


Both of these have anniversary editions. The PRO700MK2ANV are definitely more attractive to the eye, in my opinion. I mean it's black and gold.. you cant go wrong with black and gold. Not that the looks of these should even be a large deciding factor. I know thats why most people by beats, plus the fact that celebs wear it. anyway, those are my suggestions based on what I see people talking about on these forums.

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ATH-PRO700MK2 (not comfortable but otherwise great)

Incase Sonic

TDK Life On Record Headphones

V-Moda Headphones

PHILIPS CitiScape Downtown, Uptown, or Metro

Bowers and Wilkins P3


Hope those suggestions help!

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Oh, and Pioneer, particularly the HDJ-2000 or HDJ-2000-K

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Short answer: M-50. That is my opinion.

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x3 for M-80

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Stay subscribed to my upcoming review of the entire line of Beats.  Just to give you a taste, the Sony XB700 does a great job against the Solo HD. :)

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Maybe VMODA Crossfade LP... they run for around $100 on Amazon right now and they have bass off the charts, albeit not the best bass and at the cost of some SQ, but a seemingly good Beats alternative for much less.




With the extra money you could get a digizoid zo2.3 amp for added bass

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Originally Posted by crinacle View Post


Comfort and portability aren't best of friends anyway, at least in the headphones world.

b&w p5?

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