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Heed CanAmp Suitable For HD800?

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I've been looking for a fairly cheap amp for my HD800's. I currently use them in conjunction with my Fiio E7/E9 combo. What can I say, I bought those for my Denon D7000 :) As expected I'm left with a very thin and bright sound which doesn't even put the HD800's in the same league as the HD650's in terms of stock sound when both are paired with the Fiio combo. Anyway I was told that the Head CanAmp is similar to the higher priced Lehmann Linear Black Cube Amp which apparently was used during the production of the HD800. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Heed CanAmp and how it fairs with the HD800's. Also what would be an ideal DAC to go with it

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What's your budget for a DAC?

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I was hoping to use my Fiio E7 for the meantime :( Although I would be willing to spend around £200.00 ($350.00) on a DAC when I have enough money. I've also been reading about AMP and DAC all in one units. I was wondering if there are any decent ones for around $800.00. Been looking at the AudioLab M-DAC, DACmagic and also the lower end Yulong D100. Any other suggestions for around that price.



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The Burson 160 headphone amp is better than those cheap Chinese DAC/amps in that price range.

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lehmann linear = amazing amp for hd 800s. heard it at a store once and was blown away by it.

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Yeah the person I bought the HD800's from advised me to buy the Lehmann Linear which apparently was used to develop the HD800's. Problem is that amp cost's a bit too much and I will also need a DAC with it too. The Lehmann Linear also comes in a Amp + DAC all in one unit version which tops £1000.00! I've been looking at the AudioLab M-DAC. Not sure how that would sound with the HD800's though.

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what if you buy a lovely cube, its supposed to be like 200 bucks and a replica of the BCL.



i might buy one myself, sounds cute, the "lovely cube" <3

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Wow thanks for the find, I've actually heard of the lovely cube but i thought it was some cheap replica. Had no idea that it was modeled after the BCL. I'm going to check out the reviews for it now :) I wonder how it compares to the real Lehmann Black cube linear. Well it's a lot cheaper so I guess I won't mind if it doesn't sound as great as it's counterpart. I just want the HD800's to sound on par with my Denon D7000's :) And it does sound kinda cute doesn't it, very girly lol

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its supposed to be an exact replica


it does sound cute!!! thats why i want one lol


plus i've heard the regular version before and its pretty good. small amp too, hence the lovely cube. 



EDIT: read some posts on the official lovely cube thread




guess theyre almost the same and the sound is  very very close but does have small differencce.




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Aw cool I'm probably going to order one too :) It's on eBay right? Will need to get the thing pre assembled as well because I wouldn't have a clue on how to put it together

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You might want to try the Bravo / Indeed 6922EH hybrid amps, my HD800 has been pairing with a Bravo V1 deluxe 6922EH tube for some time now and i'm more than happy with the sound. No more thin / lifeless sound (of SS amp), everything is thick, bassy and dynamic, way more musical than with any ss amps i ever tried. Worth every penny, imo ofc.


If you want a review feel more convinced, then here it is: http://www.headfonia.com/bravo-hybrid-tube-amplifier/






PS: I have the D7000 too and the HD800 + Bravo is a league above, in term of detail and musicality ;)

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I use the canamp with Senn HD650's and have owned numerous other amps before settling on the canamp


Solid amp, strong bottom end, and quite good in all other areas as well. Only reason I might 'upgrade' is to add, but not replace, with a balanced system


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