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ATH-M50 paired with Digizoid ZO2?

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Hi everyone, I just made this thread cause I am extremely curious to know if these make a good pair. I know, I know, the m50 don't need an amp, but them being driven out of my iPhone 4, I miss that bass thump I get when I plug them into a good source like my Asus g73jw. Plus, I found the presentation as a whole to be sort of lacking unamped. I guess my question for you guys are:


1. Do the M50 pair well with the Digizoid ZO2? (keeping in mind I'm a basshead, I guess)


2. Are there any other >120$ portable amps that are known to match well with these cans? (bass boost would be a plus)


3. A LOD like the FiiO L3 is still necessary for this setup, right?


Also, I know I'll get bombed for this, but I actually rather enjoyed the bass presence on the Beats Studio I sampled in Best Buy the other day ph34r.gif Although I'm not gonna buy them.


My main music genres are Rock and Electronic. I just want to be able to really get that "fun" sound out of my M50s.


Any help would be greatly appreciated biggrin.gif

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Anybody? Bump? confused_face_2.gif
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I was actually going to create a similar post although I have the Ultrasone DJ1's. Can anyone help us out please?

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The ATH-M50 already "leans" mightily towards the low end of the musical spectrum.  The Digizoid paired with it may make your head explode.

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if you JUST need an amp and have no inention of amp and DAC for use with computer then the following are great




they are about equal. really depends on what you need it for. to my knowledge the E11 has more power. however the ZO2 with it's contours and smart vektor should be incredible with the M50

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IM rocking my pro700mk2's with the Z02.3 and it sounds incredible!! Realy gives my headphones a fuller sound and tighter bass!

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Hey, just wanted ask you guys, im also pretty new to the amp world as well, and ive been looking at the Fiio Andes (E07K) , the Fiio Alpen E17, the ZO2 and the E11 as well. And, now dont be shocked but, I use my Playstation Portable as my MP3 player, im pretty old school still lolz :) and was wondering which one do you suggest i use? im looking for something that allows me to increase my volume without distortion and the ability to add bass without mudding it out ( Like a ZO2 ) but was just wondering whats the best for my setup? and, oh lol, almost forgot, My headphone choice is my ATH-M50s as well. My listening genre goes from Dubstep ( like Sub Focus ) to Classical ( The Nutcracker lolz ) and to Foo Fighters, just as a couple of examples, so my genre is pretty much everywhere. I really want something that honestly just makes everything sound better, to put it bluntly. I am aware that the ATH-M50's are designed to be neutral headphones but i sometimes feel that they could use a little more "OOMPH" to the lows but without affecting the mids and highs. I know im pretty much describing the ZO2 to every specification but some people say it can hurt some specific genre's of music. Sorry im being really confusing. I just wanna make sure i get the right thing and i dont regret it. The reason i honestly mentioned the Fiio's is because of there customization like with the treble and the bass. Btw, if u can suggest any other amps Under the 130$ mark then please do. I hope what ive said is helpful. if u need clarification on waht i said just ask and ill tell you. Thks in advance.

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Save your money, if you don't mind iems, get some Phillips SHE 3850s or whatever dsnuts was spruiking a while back if you need a bass fix with your iPhone.

Speaking as someone with a set of m50s, three amps and some gear that actually does benefit from amping, I'm pretty confident you'll be wasting your money.

Hell, get a sansa clip+ or fuse; they take up less space than an amp, cost less and can easily power the m50s with better SQ to boot.
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Umm, im not sure if u were talking about my situation but,is that sansa Fuze really worth 90$? because i have 32gb on my PSP so it would seem like a downgrade to me. Like i said i looked at those and they seemed pretty good amps but if u have any other suggestions please tell me, im still getting new to this so i dont know EVERYTHING on the block. BTW, regardless of waht people say my Playstation Portable honestly has better sound quality of the SAME song than an iPod or iPhones does. i have a 16gb Nano and it honestly sounds worse. But i really want to keep my setup and just add an amp onto it, if it helps. Sorry to sound offensive i dont mean to, i just really dont want to get a different player, but honestly if the player has THAT much of a difference in sound quality then ill think about it. Oh, and im not too worried on how big the amp just as long as its portable really. Thanks again in advance for the advice.

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Oh, one more thing, the way i would wire my setup would


ATH-M50's ---- to Amplifier ---- to Music player. 



If u think there is a better way to set it up let me know, id appreciate as much knowledge as i can get on this.

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