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For Sale: Schiit Asgard $0LD

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For Sale:
Schiit Asgard $0LD

Will Ship To: CONUS


Up for sale USED Schiit Asgard.  Several hundred hours of use.  Originally purchased from a fellow Head-Fier.

Price: $OLD

Shipping to CONUS ONLY

Price includes shipping via UPS Ground & PayPal fees as a transaction/purchase I ship from the east coast.

It comes with the cone isolation feet you see in the pictures, but I will have to take them off for shipping.  They’re attached with double faced sticky circle -- “things”.   What else does this little gem come with?  The RCA-to-3.5mm cable, the ⅛ - ¼ adapter, and what Asgard would be complete w/o the manual from Schiit.

It’s got a couple small scratches on the side, that don’t look nearly as bad in person as they do in the picture.  

Why does he need to find a new home?  I got it when, for the most part I used Denon 7Ks. Now however for the most part I use HD800 and LCD-2, both with the Lyr.  Not to mention CSP2+ and Taboo are on order.

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Payment Sent!

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Amp packed and ready for shipping.   :)

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