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Good thread.


I will say is that if you add me on last.fm, I probably won't accept it. I find it tiring to look through a bunch of people I barely know. 

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I'm game.  last.fm and rateyourmusic.com links in my sig smile.gif

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I haven't been on since 2009, but here's my profile www.last.fm/user/rrosep
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BobSaysHi is grumpy, thrak and rroseperry added. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by SoulSyde View Post

BobSaysHi is grumpy wink.gif



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Mine is in my sig.

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there's a Head-Fi group on last.fm but it is not very active http://www.last.fm/group/Head-Fi

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Connnorrrr and Pyxis added.


James, I noticed that as well a while ago.  Not much activity.

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Here's mine http://www.last.fm/user/balachandar

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bala and Texpect added. wink.gif


42 users so far!

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Remember to join! :)

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@dfkt, you are into some whacked out stuff!  smile.gif  That Ø + Noto is some seriously creepy music (if you can even call it that).

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Hehe, sounds like cyclo.

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