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wow i was on that site before i read your message. im kind of scared to order from somewhere that far away im not sure how trustworthy it is, know what i mean? the headbands look nice id like to hear from more people thats bought headbands from this seller ive only heard from 1 person so far. 

Sure, I haven't ordered from there myself, but i do think I found the reference to that website here, in the forums. Can't remember where exactly. Here's hoping some users who have ordered from there can provide some feedback,

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Nice review! I din't care for mine when i had them, but thats besides the point. What amp are you running these with?

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Im running it off my xonar dg sound card with with built in headphone amp. It sounds good to me my first good pair of headphones. :)

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Update these headphones are great ive probably got  50 hours on them now they sound great not sure if its burn in or just ears getting use to a new sound but im a happy camper. These headphones are super comfy with comfies i reported that they slightly hurt my ears now they dont hurt my ears at all i guess my ear had to get use to something sitting on them. 

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Nice to hear.


So the comfies are working out for you but have you given any more thought to modding the headband?

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I may upgrade to a jinteddy7 headband not sure yet the headband feels fine out the box but its cheap looking and kinda annoys me looks wise. i kind of either want to save for ath ad700's or get a better 2.0 speaker setup maybe (m-aduio av40's) 

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Just received mine today. I have the same initials impressions as you. The pads are ok comfort-wise except for their slight roughness. They do get hot though. The headband isn't an issue. I haven't got a chance to audition any Grado/Alessandro  before jumping the gun so the sound sig is new to my ears. Very forward, like having every instrument in the track playing next to my ears. It seems like I have to crank up the volume more than usual to extract their potential which makes them kinda hard to listen to for extended periods. I'm using these unamped straight out of my cheapo Dell laptop though. I have a Fiio E6 as a cheap fix for the broken audio jack on my iPod touch and it doesn't make any difference other than boosting the volume. I listen to almost only NIN and they sound great on the more rock-oriented songs and good on the synth-driven songs. I listened to some acoustic songs too and they really shine with that genre as well.

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got these for sale on the forum for $90 shipped (pics included) U.S only, need the money right now if anyones interested let me know. 

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Scratch that, put my old creative fatal1ty headset on earlier and the sound quality is just miles better on my alessandros so i better keep em'

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