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Thanks.  Are the different gain settings just a change in power drain mostly?
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6 gain is recommended, but 12 gain is used for headphones that need more power due to not being loud enough.
Depends. If you run a line out on the source to the amp, it'll take a bit off the battery since it's outputting more power, but not too much.
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12 db seems like it would cause clipping if you're using the e17 as both a dac and an amp. I think it is meant for use with an ipod's line out. It's 1.25v rms for 0db, and 2.5v for 6db, and the device has a maximum output of 2.5v, so you can't really use the +12db usually.


Also, let's talk about the display. I've read that the dac can only specify 3 sample rates - 44.1/48khz, 88/96khz, 176khz/192khz. However the display also reports bit depth, which it has no way of knowing...why?

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So I've got one of these. And there is distortion both when used as an amp and as a DAC/amp. Is this a common problem? I may be doing something wrong but I don't think so.
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Depends on what kind and at what levels we are talking... you may have some noise issues from the usual suspects (poor ground etc..) that is not really the E17's fault.

But yeah, it's not exactly silent, there is an audible noise floor, and while it is better than what you find in cheap cellphones and a lot of laptops, I wouldn't say it's that great.
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Figured it out. MacBook Pro iTunes sampling issue was the problem. Still would like to use iTunes but when just playing the file, optical and USB out don't have distortion. It was just a matter of finding the audio midi setup and adjusting the format. iTunes is still tricky though. But playing files directly (from the desktop) works fine.
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