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Would you recommend this amp for AK120? 


Is it safe to assume that i won't be messing the SQ as i'll be using the E17 for amp only? 


Ak120 headphone out -> Fiio E17 AUX -> Fiio E17 headphone out -> beyer DT1350

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Search is your friend. :) The E17 has a wonderful sound and is a good match for many fones.

For it to be compared to AMPs more than 4 times more expensive should give you some indication just how good it is. ;)

(The quality is not at all questionable, it just delivers simply amazing quality for a price that seems unbelievable)


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The Fiio E17 pairs fantastically well with the DT1350. I received mine last week and couldn't be happier. Having access to adjusting bass, mids, and treble right on the E17 is a godsend, and this fantastic portable gets even better when paired. 


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OMG people, I can't believe my eyes... the LARGEST audiophile forum in the WORLD, and no single meaningful answer for 3 months. :rolleyes:


MH01, you will be happier with me ;)

I digged quite a heap of forums and here is the short list of the best(?) portable amps for AK120 / AK100:


CEntrance HiFi-M8 (LX configuration) - probably, the best choice at the moment.

Ray Samuels RSA-SR71B - also very cool amp with powerful output.

ALO audio Rx Mk3-B+ - also very frequent choice.

Ray Samuels Intruder - know little about it, but also recommended option.

Bispa PHPA 05B - they say AK120 sounds better than other top-grade players with it... (means Colorfly C4, HiFiMANs obviously)

FiiO E17 - cheap and questionable option for AK120 (but very good amp aside of A&K). You should listen to know the difference between this and 2-4 times more expensive amps (listed above).


I haven't heard any of these amps, but want to buy an amp in foreseeable future.

I highly recommend to listen first(c) before bying, if you have on opportunity.

Also, you should read recommendations from this thread:




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