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Replacing K-701 cord

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So I made the mistake of not buying headphones where I can replace the cable easily and now my K-701s have gone dodgy at the end with the jack on. I can still use them but if I move much they stop and crackle. Essentially my question is: can I replace the cord on these? Is it as simple as just opening the thing up and soldering in a new cable? While I'm at it I might as well upgrade my cable to a better quality one, so any recommendations for good cables would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Which end of the cable seems to be causing the issue? If it's the 1/4" plug at the end, you can just cut it off and re-terminate. 


Also, have you ruled out a faulty female jack on your amp/source? 


Otherwise, if you want to do a full re-cable, this seems to be a pretty thorough guide: http://www.head-fi.org/t/225819/guide-to-the-balanced-akg-k701-recabling




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Yeah it's at the plug end. I first noticed it on my iPod and now it's happening on my amp too, so it's definitely the cable. I think I'll just change the jack like you suggested. I hadn't thought of that. I'd prefer not to keep it to one cable but in the future I'll look in to the balancing guide... Thanks for the help. I shoulda searched first really.

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No problem at all. Re-terminating seems to be the simplest and cheapest solution. 


I just looked over the guide in that link, and I believe he has the L- and R- colors mixed up. Shouldn't matter if you're re-terminating with a TRS plug, but if you ever go balanced/XLR in the future, just something to note. 


Anyway, good luck. 

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Are you interested maybe in an aftermarket cable?

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